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  1. Well the next logical step would presumably be to ban sunshine. Probably not too difficult in this country.

  2. Don’t forget the strategy….while the country is circling the plug hole what are we talking about?? Fuckin’ sun bed that’s what we’re talking about and that’s what they want us talking about. Now who would start a revolution over sun beds??

  3. Seamus – Not red enough.

    Thrifty – For God’s sake, will you sut up.  Next thing she’ll have her builder friends putting a concrete roof over the country.

    Your Highness – There is more that a whiff of truth about that.  It’s a bit like someone enquiring after your health while they are raping you.

  4. Sometimes you do need to let nature take its course. Had the dinosaurs lived, they’d have terrorized humans. If the barbecue-ees live, they’ll have bred with people of regular intelligence and weakened the pot with vanity and stubbornness. But I guess the same thing could be said about many kinds of human subspecies.

  5. Throw a bucket of water over her and watch her melt. If its good enough for the wicked witch ….. She really is unsavoury to the old mince pies isnt she? Looks like she indulges in several of said mince pies as well the lardy bint.

  6. That’s a great idea to do with Ms. Harney, where do I sign up?
    I have a few issues with her at the moment (my son needs an operation and can’t get it done because of cutbacks)… I wouldn’t mind meeting her down a dark alley.
    .-= Val´s last brainfart .. Viking for a day! =-.

  7. She is indeed an ‘unfortunate’ looking woman, she’s got a face like a bucket full of smashed crabs. There was a push to do the same here after a kid died of melanoma from using one. Although why anyone here would need a sun bed I don’t know.

  8. I’m not one to normally comment on peoples appearence, and  I have been accused in the past of making nasty comments about her size.


    This tub of lard is our Minister for Health.  Got that?  Health?  I’m not asking for a size zero, but Jayzus, I would at least like something in double digits?

    There was a thing tonight on the news about sunbeds.  Australia was bentioned as a shining example that we should follow.  Hah!

  9. After spending my summer in the sun, I firmly believe that too many people in Ireland are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. I feel better today than I have in over ten (mostly rainy) years, and that’s my explanation anyhow.

    Therefore, sunbeds should be MANDATORY for all Irish citizens, I’ve proven it. Right?  ….although I believe you’re right, they surely don’t come in that size.

    Now, before we pack to leave, how many 30-30’s was it you were wanting me to bring back? And how many shotguns? I’m worried I’ve got the totals confused.

  10. Ah, don’t get me started on the nukin’ crypts.  If they want to cook their innards, let ém cook ’til they sizzle.  They litter the landscape here.  I really don’t understand why.  Our average high for this time of year is a very humid and sunny 34°C!
    Labouring in the garden or yard for an hour would do far more beneficial than ten minutes in a sun bed.   🙂

  11. Susan – Just fill the container.

    JD – I agree.  If they are so fucking stupid, they deserve to be slightly broiled.


  12. hello there granddad hope your well. I am doing my own research in getting a hugh sunbed for this bloody annoiyng heifer that answers to the name mary harney. What does make me laugh though is the fact that i know a few baywatch wannabies who do top up their fake tans so often that they now look like the little orange men form charlie and the chocolate factory. I always thought that men went for the more natural look when it came to us girlies. I mean if you look at the galway girl song by mundy and sharon shannon. To quote the lyrics ‘and i ask you friends what would you do if her hair was black and her eyes were blue. See i have traveled around and have been all over the world and boys i have never seen nothing like a galway girl.’ i actaully do feel sorry for the tanaroxics of this world. BUt as i always say if you want the world to look at you do something shcoking and get a tattoo. Its less dangerous than getting baked and look very fake.
    .-= vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. A new addition to my little family =-.

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