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  1. have a lovely trip, don’t worry about us, we’ll manage; but don’t complain when you get back and we’re all in a crappy mood.

  2. Off you go then and have a great holiday. And remember, you’re the tourist now so don’t try to shoot anyone who looks foreign while you’re away. The French have that responsibility. Besides, not having to squint through a high powered scope will save your eyes and that’s important at your age.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Reviving the Dead | Part III =-.

  3. Oh I’m envious.
    … and returning to Ireland on Sunday after a whole summer away. I’m not looking forward to coming home as much as I thought I’d be. Maybe I shouldn’t have kept reading the Irish Times while we were gone?

  4. Avoir une vacances grandioses, Grandad.   🙂
    Me French isn’t what it used to be.  Remember us poor labouring feckers, while you’re bathing in the sun!  🙂

  5. Hope your sea crossing was OK.  I was violently sick on Wednesday and still feel grotty.
    We went to a major rugby match last Friday – Bayonne v Stade Francais, crowd 28,000.  The three tickets cost the same amount as one for Leinster.

  6. Thank yiz all for your kind felicitations.

    I would write more but I have just rediscovered the delights and joys of French wine.

    They don’t serve Guinness here, and I wouldn’t drink it if they did.

    TT – Yup.  The Other Fella is here with us.  Someone has to pick up the tab.  Heh!

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