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  1. I never smoked cigarettes and have never been attracted to them. They are for me simply too short and don’t give the joy of proper smoking.
    However, I am a pipe smoker for more than 30 years, ever since I bought a pipe in my senior cadet year at the Naval Academy. I don’t smoke much, but I do enjoy pipe smoke from time to time and find it very inspiring and helpful for my creative work.
    People lke those in ASH have a strange attitute. They are self-appointed ‘saviours of the world’ who have no regard for other people’s choices and no tolerance.
    For them there is only one way – their way – and everyone else should be grateful to be brainwashed into their ‘clean and happy’ empire.
    That way many dictatorships have started, and it is well known that one Adolf Hitler was a fanatic non-smoker. However, in contrast to this Dr. Angie Brown, Adolf Hitler was a tolerant man who allowed his mistress Eva Braun as well as any visitors to smoke whenever they wanted. Eva Braun smoked a lot and liked her cigarettes. And Hitler liked Eva Braun, so love and tolerance prevailed.
    Perhaps Dr. Angie Brown needs a life partner who is a heavy smoker. It would then be interesting to see if love or doctrine win the upper hand…

  2. Emerald – No need to apologise.  A good story bears repeating?  I did knock out one though in case it confused people.

    Regarding ASH – it is their complete intolerance that baffles me.  To hear them go on, you would think smoking was worse than paedophelia.  Why the hell should they care if I die of some ghastly disease?  Certainly I don’t care if they do.  It is my business if I smoke.  It is my decision, and I will defend my right to decide my future as I see fit.  It saddens me to see so many taken in by their rhetoric though.

    I should have given greater creditation to my quote to explain its origins,  That is now rectified.

  3. Indeed, it is the degree of intolerance that is quite baffling. There are various campaign organisations, arguing for or against this or that. But not one of them shows this almost religious zeal that is the hallmark of ASH. One has to wonder why that is. Does ASH have some second – and hidden – agenda?
    One also wonders why – apart from the ‘Pioneers’, whose closeness to rigid Catholicism makes them less and less attractive – there is no major campaign against alcohol. And there is absolutely no-one campaigning against extreme sports, or even thinking about it…
    As I mentioned yesterday, I never smoked cigarettes, and I quite dislike them.
    They were invented as a cheap substitute for cigars and aimed then (in the late 18th/early 19th century) at the lowest end of the market, the poor people who could not afford cigars.
    Spanish and Portuguese soldiers smoked them a lot then, and during the famous Peninsula campaign Wellington’s British army was introduced to the new kind of smoking. From there cigarettes spread fast and wide and a century later, during World War I, they had become a regular part of army rations.
    Of course we have come a long way since and cigarettes became ever more popular – especially amongst women – since US tobacco companies advertised them as a glamour accessory.
    It is quite interesting that the aggressive movement against smoking began in the USA as well. Americans, it seems, are prone to extremes. They had the same with the prohibition, which – in contrast to its aim – not only increased the consummation of alcohol, but also helped to create a whole network of criminal organisations which still exist today, 76 years after the prohibition ended.
    I have no problem with campaigns that are aimed at children and young people, making them aware of the risks of life and the risks of various things, like tobacco, alcohol, driving cars, participating in extreme sports etc. etc.
    But as it is, the young people are the least impressed by all the warnings and the anti-smoking campaigns. More and more youngsters, and particularly girls, smoke cigarettes now, because they think it is ‘cool’.
    Adults, however, should be left alone and have the freedom to decide what they want to do, and how they want to live their life. Governments have no right to dictate lifestyle choices, and campaign groups like ASH even less so.
    As I have mentioned, I took up smoking a pipe in the Navy, where it was – and still is – quite popular. There are cigarette smokers as well, but the percentage of pipe smokers in maritime circles is exceptionally high.
    This is a direct result of the life and work-patterns at sea. Officers and sailors work in shifts – we call them watches – of four hours each. As long as a vessel is at sea, every man on board is four hours on duty, then four hours off duty, and then four hours on again. This goes on without extra breaks, 24 hours, day by day and week by week. And while on watch, one can really do nothing but one’s duty. However, personnel is usually able to smoke. As a cigarette lasts only for a few minutes, it it obvious why a large number of sailors prefer smoking pipes, which give quiet and steady comfort for much longer. (My favourite pipe last me more than an hour with one filling of tobacco.)
    These days I only smoke at home, in the safety and comfort of my own environment, where no-one has the right to tell me what I can do and what I can’t. And since I do not go to pubs, it is not really a problem for me. But I know many people who are quite stressed by the fact that they have now to stand outside a pub’s door if they want to smoke. Personally I think it is an assault on personal freedom, and I am amazed that there was not more protest in Ireland when the government introduced the smoking ban in public places.
    Other countries have followed us down this unfortunate route, and it is a clear sign that freedom is under attack by those who were elected to protect it.
    However, there are still plenty of countries where common sense prevails and smoking is possible without fascist restrictions.
    The smoking of pipes and cigars, which is much less dangerous than the smoking of cigarettes, is not given the distinction it deserves. If people concerned with health and governments concerned with the costs of health care were really serious, they would make this distinction and actually promote pipes and cigars as good alternatives to cigarettes. A sensible way to do this would be a significant reduction of taxes on pipe tobacco and cigars, while cigarettes remain taxed highly. And this would not in any way ‘discriminate’ against women, who usually prefer smoking cigarettes. I know several countries – for example Denmark and the Netherlands – where many women smoke pipes, cigars and cigarillos. A number of pipe manufacturers offer a large selection of very stylish and elegant lady’s pipes there, and they are quite popular.
    I think that our general attitude to smoking in Ireland needs a complete re-vamp, as much as our attitude to drinking large amounts of alcohol and eating huge quantities of unhealthy food. But unless we get a whole set of new and wiser politicians, I cannot see this happen. Perhaps it is time for more individuals to come forward and stand as independent candidates in elections, as none of the major parties offers much hope for a real change.
    P.S. – Thanks for taking out the double. I don’t know how it happened, as I only posted it once. However, the system was very slow yesterday and I was quite tired after having been out for 10 hours of meetings, without a bite to eat or a drop of tea or water. Perhaps I pressed the button a second time unintentionally.

  4. The trouble is Grandad – what will happen if everyone gives up? What will they do then…. Find something else to go at? Golfers? Runners?  Footballers? People who dye their hair? – there will always be some way to keep the masses down!!!
    Roll on the revolution!!

  5. Yes, Kate, you are quite right. There will always be some busy-bodies trying to make everyone else’s lives miserable.
    I am waiting for a good revolution for a long time. So, let me know when you are ready to go, and I will be there. 🙂

  6. Busy-bodies is too mild a word for them.  They are interfering bastards, and the world would be a lot better [and safer] place if they were all lined up and shot.

    I’m up for the revolution anytime [but could you please wait until I am back from my holidays?]

  7. What a great blog Grandad and comments.
    I have read the book  “velvet glove, Iron fist” and it was great. It is now on my profile picture on facebook, taken in Greece.
     Also mentioned in the book was a campaign site called, which I am a proud member of. Christopher Snowdon also gave a great speech at the TICAP conferance in Bussels, although it was stopped from being held in the EU parliament, the conferance went ahead.
    You are so right about ASH and the antis, they are the “new temperance movement” they do not want to give an inch
    They give charities a bad name IMOP.
    I hope you do not mind if I put a link in our site,  in the blog section?
    It is great to see and read thoughts that go along with many other people.
    Thank you

  8. Thanks, Mandyv and welcome.  What galls me, apart from ASH itself, is the passive acceptance of these Nanny State Laws.  Feel free to link.  What blog?

  9. I once loved seeing my ancestors lands in the West,
    many a fine night with me nose in the froth ,watching the sun bid goodnight to Donegal.
    Sadly ,no longer am I welcome on the soil which
    cradles the bones of a thousand forebears,now
    the keepers of taverns would have me treated like
    some poorly fed pig,cast to the outer parts like a
    leper . When Irishmen once more stand up to Dublins
    fools, then once more I will blow the froth on a
    Connaught eve,till then I’lle quench my thirst in
    warmer climes

    Barrus M Connacht’on

  10. Totally agree Grandad with everything you have said. I picked your blog up through Mandyv posting it on the blog thread on the forum.
    I’m so glad that she did.
    It’s great to see so many still refusing to accept this utter nonsense spewed out by the likes of ASH (aka Gov’t).

  11. One thing this blog is not famous for is poetry, but change is good for the soul?
    Thanks for the like Mandyv, and welcome to the madhouse, Helen.  Everyone is welcome here.  The rot about smoking is something I keep returning to, as it is something I feel rather strongly about
    Incidentally, as newcomers, you may not be aware – this blog is a compulsory smoking area.

  12. Thank you Grandad and others for visiting a nice tolerant blog, I am glad smoking is allowed here.
    I hope you have a great holiday, I have just come back from mine (Spain) and normality is rife over there lol.
    Ashtrays on the table in the pubs and restaurants, but I did not see any smoke (Javea) they have some shit hot air filtration over there ( the ones we went into).
    I make a point we (six of us) go to where “smokers money” is welcome.
    I hope ASH do not get their ugly claws into Spain, or many others into the short haul flight Coutnries. I have given up on the long hauls, they are stressful enough without being controlled for 3 hours erghh.
    So enjoy your trip.

  13. Hi Grandad.  I’m another refugee from F2C like Mandy and Helen and just wanted to say it’s like a breath of fresh air from over the water to read your blog.  Keep up the good work.
    A book eh, i’m impressed.  BTW you’ve been blogrolled.

  14. The ‘Nanny State’ is indeed a great nuisence and responsible for the infringement of people’s freedom.
    But we should never forget that a ‘Nanny State’ does not appear just by itself. It is the product of certain politicians, combined with deliberate manipulations of public opinion.
    And politicians are elected by the people, at least in democratic countries like Ireland. So, if we want to see a change, and less nannying by the State, the we should elect different people to our parliament.
    There are not enough TDs from the left-of-centre parties, and certainly not enough independents. We should keep this in mind.
    Edmund Burke, probably the greatest philosopher Ireland produced, said that “Evil exists, because good people do nothing”.
    So if we want to end the ‘Nanny State’, the many good people who have so far remained docile and allowed bad things to happen, should stand up, get involved in politics, and be counted.

  15. Hello Ireland, this is the first Irish blog I have offered a few words to. Like Emerald I am ex Navy (Royal) like Emerald I am a smoker although sadly could not master the pipe. Having been raise in Luton where a third of the community is ex pat Irish a lot of my youth was spent in the  Irish clubs and bars for the craic and from where I have a lot of gret memories.

    If I may offer a small correction to Emeralds comments on Adolf Hitler, it is true that he was indeedan ardent anti smoker, he actually paid for some of the original second hand smoke theory from his own pocket which ASH base their propaganda on. According to Sgt Rochus Mitsch who was one of Hiltlers valets/telephonists in the his SS guard detail and was with him throuout the war until the end says that Hitler did not permit smoking in his presence at any time.  in the those last mad weeks in the Berlin Bunker EvaBraun would often be seen in the canteen drinking and smoking with the guards and others and it was not until his death that open smoking was seen anywhere else inthe Bunker.

    It is also well known that Hitler and Himmler tried to ban smoking throughout the  SS and the armed forces  as early as 1941 with no success, Hitler also banned smoking on trams in 1944 to protect the female tram drivers from second hand smoke,  this while the RAF were dumping tons of phospherous and H.E. on most cities every night!

    The Idea of more Independant candidates standing for parliament and local councils is a good one which should be nurtured, it only through public opinion and enlightened politicians that this travesty of law will be ended. 

  16. Mandyv – I will tolerate just about anything here, with the exception of people who think that our government are doing a great job.

    TheBigYin – Welcome, indeed!  No relation to the Lesser Big Yin?  Thanks for the blogroll.  [I had it for brekfast]

    Emerald – I should adopt Burke’s quote as a tagline for this site – “Evil exists, because good people do nothing“.  It encapsulates just about everything that is wrong with this country.

    Soapy – Another big welcome, and thanks for the honour of breaking your Irish Blog Virginity.  It is a brave man that corrects Emerald.  Respect!

  17. I don’t think the WHO had anything to do with labeling SHS as a carcinogen but in the late 1990’s there was a process in USA where ‘SELECTED’ doctors and scientists examined evidence that resulted in labeling ETS as a carcinogen; ‘The DHHS report on carcinogens’ (ROC).
    More importantly, this process was examined by the ‘Independent Public Health Policy and Research unit’ in 1999. They commented that the ROC sub-committee…
    “Used twisted reasoning and political maneuvering … ignoring salient points made by outside presenters”
    and added,
    “This is science? No, it is politics and it is unsupportable, unacceptable and quite probably legally actionable”
    So it is not only ASH who work in this ‘territory of lies and deceit.’ – There is a whole network including the WHO.
    AS you say, the WHO tried to bury their Boffetta et al European study that I believe you refer to. The study found only ONE statistically significant result – that ETS was beneficial to kids. The authors played this down and stated ;
    “Our results indicate no association between childhood exposure to ETS and lung cancer risk.”
    Can anyone believe even one single word of what these people claim – are they so egotistical or naïve to think that only they can understand the simple results of  scientific studies?

  18. Grandad, love your blog. I’ve also come over from F2C and proud to declare my Irish heritage.

    Thank you Barrus Connacht for your poem.  I could have wept as it is now some time since I visited my ancestors homeland because of the smoking ban. I now prefer to holiday in Spain, which alas seems to be undergoing the same pressure from the Health brigade.

  19. Kin_Free – Another big welcome!  I started railing about the smoking ban some time ago.  At the time, I passivly accepted a lot of the information out there.  I have since done a lot more research and it is frightening the lies and deciet that are fed to the public.

    MarieC – Yet another welcome!  It’s getting crowded in here?  I can’t speak for the UK, but I know that there is a widely different attitude to the ban in different countries.  The Irish, I’m afraid, sicken me with their meek acceptance of any law or rule, no matter how trivial.  In France, they have the same legal ban, but it is treated with almost total indifference.  They pay lip service to it, but there is no feeling of being watched by Big Brother all the time.

  20. Grandad, Is there really anyone out there who believe , this government is doing a good job?

    Opposite the EU parliament there was a lovely Irish Pub, with ashtrays of course. They can also smoke in the EU parliament.

    I can remember one of children coming home crying, with the propaganda at school, that was about 15 years ago. She kept trying to tell me my legs were going to drop off erggh, I asked how many people she knew who smoked, lot’s was her reply, how many people do you know, who have no legs, I asked her, none was the reply.
    She went to bed happy, now she is all grown up she smokes herself, education is fine, but it’s the lying and blatant propaganda I have a major problem with as I am sure many others do. She was about 6 at the time, I kept thinking to myself, what evil is lurking in the school, to want to give the kids nightmares! 

  21. Excellent blog, I have a need to see the fake charities and puritan liars fall. I will watch them  with great interest until I see a hole that they can fall into and then I will help to push.  All prohibition has failed and it will again. Thanks grandad for some wise words.

  22. Marley – Welcome and thanks.  Prohibition doubtless will fail, but why do we have to suffer the fucking thing in the meantime?

  23. I cannot wait either for the fake charities to fall Marley, how many millions do they have to go through to do it though!
    Ditto Grandad,

  24. The criticsim of Burrows was valid – BAT market cigarettes to children in the Third World.
    And Emerald Islander, I call reductio ad hilterum on your personal liberty argument .  I would argue that non-smokers’ right not to inahle your smoke should trump the smokers’ right to smoke in workplaces.

  25. Welcome, Cathal.  You assert that BAT market cigarettes to children in the Third World.  Do you have proof of this, or is it merely more anecdotal rubbish?

    With regard to people having a right to not inhale tobacco smoke – are you saying that it is right to impose a law on a significant minority [and thereby cause the closure of many businesses] simply to satisfy a personal preference?  Personally, I find some perfumes and other artificial scents cause me great discomfort and nasal irritation, but I would consider myself tolerant enough not to demand a ban.  Where do you want to stop?  Ban all fat people?  Tall people?  Short people?  Red heads?

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