Electronic dog fences and all that — 13 Comments

  1. TT – A yard is either three feet, or a place to store things.  If it has a lawn, it ain’t a yard.  And yes.  Herself has a beautiful collar, but she doesn’t know it yet.

    Brianf – I strung it everywhere.  That is why it was so bloody complicated.

  2. I dunno why you didn’t just save yourself the hassle and built a sleeping policeman out of hardened dog-turds out on the main road instead.  Or rigour-mortized tourists… same same.

  3. K8 – A sleeping policeman?  What are you on about?  I’m trying to stop Sandy from wandering around the roads, not build speed ramps.

    Not a bad idea though …..  Stiffs propped up at the side of the road?  Tourist attraction?  Slows traffic?  Saves on landfill?

  4. But see she could wander around there all she likes, the drivers would be too busy crashing/throwing up/passing out to do any running over.   Or you could strap the electric collar to the corpses and zap them periodically to scare locals into thinking there was a zombie invasion!  Oooh the possibilities are endless.

  5. I’ve tried out electric fences on my own mutt as well.
    I had a dog named Patsy; a red setter with boundless energy. She loved running away.
    I got one of those electric fences and stuck the collar on her and turned it on.
    She ran for the fence and yelped as the shock hit her. By the time she could react, though, she was on the other side of the fence and was then afraid to come home.
    Biggest waste of €200 ever. Never turned it on again.

  6. Well you know that I have one but I don’t have it ‘active’ any more. Lily’s learned where the danger spots are and just doesn’t wonder.  Great idea for acreage.

  7. K8 – You have a very weird mind.  I wonder where you got it from?

    Kae – Quite a few people warned me about the dog running over the fence using the theory that freedom is worth the quick zap.  However, I pointed out that my boundary is pretty heavily overgrown, so if she took a quick run at it, she would more than likely end up impaled on a bramble.  I don’t think freedom is worth that.

    Baino – After only a week, I am not too careful any more as to whether she is wearing the collar at all, as she is now very wary of the danger spots.  I think it is nearly time to adapt it for Herself?

  8. Should be quite interesting once the neighbours cats suss this out. They’ll be able to stick their tongues out at Sandy, call her names, make rude paw gestures!, and generally take the piss out of the poor mutt! She’ll just have to sit their and take it – like a dog!

  9. Mick – The local cats are bereft of intelligence and immagination [like most cats].  They all steer well clear of my patch.

    Kate – She?  Sandy or Herself?

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