Irish Silver Surfer Awards 2009 — 14 Comments

  1. Ok, this is exactly what happened…
    A ‘silver’ neighbour of ours was writing a book about her life (very interesting btw), and she wanted advice on a suitable laptop.
    “Just to be able to write words my dear, nothing else, don’t want to spend too much”.
    Ok, simple enough – a lower end Dell – celeron and a couple of GB ram (500 euros and we’re away).
    New Dell arrives and all is good. MS Word doing the trick, book is progressing nicely, and a contented lady.
    Couple of months pass and i get a call – she’s ordered broadband and would I help her set it up. Before you know it she’s all wirelessed and within a day or two is on Facebook!
    Another month goes by and a new mobile phone (with camera and bluetooth) appears on the scene. Uh oh, no bluetooth on laptop – local shop to the rescue and bluetooth adaptor happily installed into USB port.
    Dell is now creaking  – Youtube, social networking, digital photo library, downloaded music, and god knows what else! (fortunately she’s still over the moon so i’m reluctant to suggest an upgrade!)
    Lesson – the next time a ‘silver’ asks for advice on what machine to buy suggest an IBM mainframe!!
    She’s pretty fantastic actually and hats off to her for just going for it!

  2. Mick – Never underestimate a Silver.  We’re not as daft as we look!

    Sixty – Of course it’s better than a fuckin’ tweetup.  Anything is better than a fuckin’ tweetup.  I think it will be great.  We’ll show ’em how it should be done.

  3. Hmmm, I think I know an old codger who just might fit the bill. Too bad that all I got for clicking on Poster 1, Poster 2,  and the [very important] Nomination form was:
    Aw Shit…There is something wrong…(etc, etc)
    Guess my nominee will just have to lose out then. BTW, do I get any brownie points for mastering a Linux distro in less than 2 months and shoehorning Windows 7 RC onto my 6 year old HP? (and making it like it?)

  4. Kirk M – Sorry about that.  I forgot a piss slash or two.  It worked on the main page, but not when it was opened on its own page.  It’s fixed now. Windows 7?  You like living dangerously?

  5. My partner’s Mum is just coming up 81 and has been computing for just over a year – she is on facebook, she can send emails and photographs and, when I was there a couple of weeks ago I showed her the wonderful world of ‘Blogging’ – so I am sure you will be meeting her very soon! She is amazing!!!

  6. Kate – Fair play, but I’m not that surprised.  Us oldies can teach you young’uns a thing or two yet!  😉

  7. Ah, good job. The links work now.
    Living dangerously? Well, why not? Besides, it gets harder to keep the old geek sharp these days so this is just another way to hone it. Anyway, Windows 7 RC works like a charm on my old beater. I did the usual bit of UI adjustment that I normally do even on XP Pro and the RC runs along as well as XP ever did if not a bit better in some cases. Funny thing is, my old rig would have come to a screeching halt if I had ever thought of putting Vista on it. And since the RC’s good until march of next year I have plenty of time to break it.
    Is this off topic?
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Reviving the Dead | Part II =-.

  8. Thanks Grandad – so I’m a young ‘un now thats good coming from someone whose daughter is the same age as my son!!!

  9. Oh good, I just scraped in as a Silver Surfer at 56….Oh bugger, I don’t live in Ireland!  My maw, in here late seventies got a laptop just a couple of years ago to talk to her weans on that there Windows live Messenger thingy.  The only thing is the grandkids keep fookin’ things up and now her webcam don’t work.
    Now where’s that form then, bet you have to live in the Emerald Isles before you can vote.  And I’ve only been on this great blog for a day.

  10. Kirk M – So what if it’s off topic?  It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Kate – Just be greatful for any flattery you can get [at your age] 😉

    Yin – I still maitain that 55 is a bit young.  They’ll be letting the iPod generation in next. [*never discovered what an iPod is….*].   I don’t know what the voting rules are.  Frankly, I’m not even sure what we’re voting on.

  11. My fishing license expired in 1974 I’ll have you know. Now the game wardens are following me around all the time. I haven’t fished since 1974 but I like to carry my old pole once in awhile and tromp around the local streams and rivers just to give them something to do.

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