The end of the world is nigh — 8 Comments

  1. Pull out your walking shoes,fix that rusting bike w/flat tires(get a used/new one for herself)Sell or trade your car for horse and buggy, for there surely will be a few more tomorrows,just won’t be able to afford the former luxuries.Enjoy your new “yellow brick roads” and lanes,don’t hit the munchkins,greet the new characters you’ll surely meet,beware of the wicked witch(not herself),you’ll end up somewhere or another and start clicking your heels together (after a few guinesses)and be glad you have the old nag(not herself)to carry you home.  Hell grandad,I was bored,so sorry if I’ve messed up your page.

  2. I thought the world ended when they turned on that Large Hadron collider thing in Switzerland.  So what?  The world is going to end again?

  3. Sandra – You haven’t messed up my page, apart from the “not Herself” bits – they all apply.  Your picture of me walking the country lanes is very nice, but it doesn’t work like that.  After a skinfull of pints I tend to get a bit wobbly on the legs, and that’s why I prefer to drive.

    Brianf – The Large Hadron Collider?  That thing never worked.  It keeps blowing fuses and exploding, so we have a few years to go yet before that ends us all.

  4. Our councils have been given bucket loads of moola by Canberra for GFC stimulus spending so anybodies guess what will happen now. If there is no tomorrow, we’ll be first to know about it and will inform you.
    By the way, don’t you love that “GFC”.  Leaves the “F” to the imagination.

  5. Yo Dogbait!  Welcome.  Thank you for offering to warn us about the End of The World.  Very kind, when you could be doing other things at such a time.  ‘F’ only stands for one thing [that why it’s called the F-word], but I’m at a loss to know what GFC stands for.  Gaelic Football Club?  I doubt it?

    Baino – I’d say that cycle lane widening is employing about fifty blokes for at least nine months!  Maybe they are bringing back the concept of the Famine Roads??

  6. There should be some sort of system in place to rate the people who spend our money. And I don’t mean a weak ass system like elections. When they spend thousands on a traffic light we don’t want/need, we should be able to punish them by inserting said traffic light via the rectum. That will make them think twice about building huge (i.e. expensive) works of art. And filling potholes shouldn’t be that expensive; just use a piledriver to hammer a politician into it.

  7. The recession is – apparently – over, but only in Germany, France and in Hong Kong. These are the places where the governments acted quickly and decisively, and where the majority of businesses are managed by people who know what they are doing.
    In Britain and Ireland, where the governments are still wondering how to react and many ‘business leaders’ are nothing but over-paid self-serving con men, the trauma is only beginning.
    Councils doing extravagant things with our money are plentiful. They are also run by over-paid people whose jobs are safe, no matter what is happening in the economy, and who thus just keep wasting money as they have always done.
    In order to stop this, we need directly elected Mayors in the cities, and equally directly elected County Chairmen (calling them Mayors is not correct and should be stopped). They should have executive powers, but be accountable to their councils. This is the case in most continental countries.
    So one has not to go far to work out why the recession is already over in France and Germany, where directly elected people are in charge, and why it is only beginning in the UK and Ireland, which still uses the old and obsolete English system of government (or should one call it by its real name – nepotism?).

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