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  1. Heathens is too mild a word for it.  I think there is an excellent chance for suing them under the new Blasphemy Laws here.


  2. Guinness me GD – don’t let the so-and-so’s rile you so! They probably farmed out the making of this clip to a foreign ‘sauce’, heh-heh…!
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. TECHNO TURMOIL =-.

  3. to be honest, I think Guinness as a drink has gone to fuck. since quality control became such a big deal, you dont seem to be able to get a great pint anywhere anymore. All there is is average pints that only taste OK once they have dropped to room temperature. It is of course still possible to get an awful pint. Guinness as a pint no longer deserves it’s reverance or misplaced mystique,  although it is a thousand times better than most of the muck being pumped out of the taps. Getting your knickers in a twist over a pair of medicore lads just isnt worth it.

  4. Also, is Guinness in Ireland all keg beer as it is here; or can you get cask conditioned (real ale) still ?

  5. Ed – To a point, I agree.  Once again the human touch has been removed and pints are now almost pulled to a formula.  Having been reared on Guinness from infancy I reserve the right to have a go at them though.

    TT – Too gassy.  It’s like eating a half raw cake.

  6. TT – It’s all keg, bottled or canned.  I still maintain that they keg the dregs for export though. [which is only right and proper]

  7. I used to know the guy in charge for pulling all the pints for Guinness ads.  If it didn’t look perfect he wouldn’t allow it to be filmed.
    Looks like the recession got him.

  8. I remember very well your primer on how to drink a Guinness at the pub!
    I put it in to use when I ordered a pint at a faux pub in Boston. I waited a quarter hour before taking a full quaff.
    I knew Grandad would be proud.
    Then I shoved my sunglasses on my head and order a Bud.
    In a can.

  9. Maxi – Get your pal back on the job.  That is an Essential Service.

    Neighbour – I’ll drop arount for a few pints, so?

    Sixty – I knew you’d do me proud.  And I know you are only joking about the Bud.  Unless of course you are provong to yourself what horse’s piss it is by comparison?

    Dunno what happened to the CommentLuv thingy.  I think it’s broken.

  10. I blame the product – maybe the cast and crew enjoyed too much of the (I imagine) complimentary sauce at the shoot before this take was shot. Still ridiculous, though.

  11. I am appaled and disgusted…

    Not that I drink the stuff, but still you need to know the exact point at which your Guinness has fully matured and is truly drinkable.

  12. During my visit to Dublin I went to the source of the black gold. After I ordered, I had a  pint in my hand and was drinking within 15 seconds. Although I must admit I didn’t drink from the one that the idiot behind the bar gave me. A quick switch with one he pulled about 10 minutes earlier.

  13. I remember taking Keiron home for his 21st – the rules were a pint of Guinness in England – then on the plane for several more in Dublin.
    The length of time we waited for the Dublin pints was worth every minute to get a decent pint!!!

  14. I recall back in the 70’s in Belfast a line of folks outside the bar waiting for it to open. When they opened the doors they had pint mugs already half poured on a shelf.

  15. Brian – That is without doubt, the most sensible thing I have heard in a long time.  I thought I was the only one who did that…..

    Kate – Anyone who complains about the wait should be shot.  No arguments.  Just shot.

    TT – The best pub is the one where you walk in the door and the barman already has your pint on.  Home from home..

  16. I love half raw cake – all raw is even better. Probably a good thing that I don’t drink Guinness then.

  17. Sorry to bust your bubble Grandad, but Guinness is ‘red’ not black..sorry but I am telling the truth

  18. The CIA – If you say so, then it must be right?

    Jim C – It just proves how good it is if they were in such a hurry to down their 59th pint?  God, but that brings back memories of my ninth birthday party….

    DBM – So you are one of those who prefers to lick the bowl?  [sorry!  Old joke..]

    Bubbles – Granted it isn’t black if you hold the pint in front of a bulb from Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, but I prefer to drink my pint rather than play with it.  Anyway asking the barman for a ‘pint of red’ doesn’t have that traditional ring to it?

  19. Grandad, You have no idea the effect that this ad had on me…
    I had to actually lie down… its difficult if you are a barman and are worried about
    every Guinness you dispatch… The swilling of an unsettled pint disgusts me every time..
    But to see a Guinness ad doing this is unbelievable…
    (I think it may be down to some advertising wankers with ‘its alive inside’ ideals)
    They will ruin everything…

  20. Did you also notice that the guy’s wrist looks like it’s been sewed back on or at least sliced all the way through and the next frame would have shown it falling off the stump Guinness and all?
    BTW, I left an inquiry with the CommentLuv forum awhile back as to the reason why CommentLuv doesn’t work properly with MCEComments (that’s what’s causing the problem you know). The answer came back that MCEComments puts the comment box in an iFrame which keeps CommentLuv from knowing when the cursor hits the comment box, that’s the trigger that kicks CommentLuv into action. The author informed me that because of this CommentLuv will never be compatible with MCEComments.
    I found a work around of course as you might have noticed that I can stuff my last blog post via CommentLuv anytime I wish? Before you submit your comment, uncheck and recheck the CommentLuv check box and it will grab your latest post just like it should. Once it does, then submit your comment.
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  21. Kirk M – His wrist does look like it has been badly fixed with horse hoof glue.  I wonder what that’s about?  It would have been interesting to see him try to lift a pint with a stump?

    If it comes to fight between MCE and CommentLuv then I’m afraid the latter loses out for two reasons – it isn’t as functional and I hate the way they spell its name!

  22. It’s up to you but I’d just leave it (CommentLuv…yeah, it’s a rather irritating name). Some will figure it out and some won’t or won’t bother. Either way it’s the comment itself that counts, everything else is pure fluff.
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  23. I never drink Guinness, as it contains too many chemicals. If you want to drink real beers, I recommend those brewed in Bavaria (where it is illegal to use anything but the three traditional ingredients).

  24. Emerald – That is sacrilege!  And that is only a stone’s toss from blasphemy, so you had better watch what you are saying!


  25. Well, it’s not my intention to offend, and I usually manage not to.
    There was a time when I, too, drank Guinness and believed the old slogan that it is “good for you”.
    But having lived in Bavaria for years and encountered real beer, there is no way that I would ever drink Guinness again, jubilee year or not.
    Perhaps we should agree to disagree on Arthur’s brew.

  26. “I never drink Guinness, as it contains too many chemicals. If you want to drink real beers, I recommend those brewed in Bavaria (where it is illegal to use anything but the three traditional ingredients).”
    i agree

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