Neighbourhood watch — 9 Comments

  1. Where is the Skobie town?  Can we send all the Skobies there?  Better yet, is there an island they could go to?  Skobie Island?

  2. I hate that word “skobie”.  Posh people looking down on those less fortunate who have to endure the noise of alarms while they work.
    I’m going over to that house now, and I may just visit yours on the way back.  Then I’ll piss the words “Skobie was here” onto your front door.
    Expect a ransom note for the guinea pig.

  3. Katherine – Skobie Town is a few miles from here.  Please don’t send any more as the place is just about full.  How about Spike Island?

  4. Maxi – As I am the one having to endure the alarm, does that make me a Skobie?  You are confusing me.  Drop by any time.  The new electric defences are up and running.  😈

  5. Katherine, you can’t go around peeing words on people’s doors! That is one of the few unique qualities we men have left. Please don’t take that away.

  6. How is it you know so much about these people w/tiny penises and their armored cars ? Might the alarm merely be malfunctioning or have nitwits for operators?But I can commiserate w/u, as I could scream when someone’s house or car alarm goes on and on and on.Something could really be happening but have never seen any emergency response unit show up.I think the plan is for annoyed neighbors to be the first responders(maybe only ones),then if they PHONE in a report the police or firetrucks just might show up.

  7. Sooo annoying. We have a neighbour who’s alarm went off with well . .alarming regularity. The police made them switch to a silent alarm due to the constant call outs and complaints. I deactivated the one on my car too . .everytime somenoe bumped it, the bloody thing went off and God forbid I should be branded a Skobie whatever that is.

  8. I think Grandad you have confused some of your readers… They dont know whether you are with the scobies, a scobie yourself or bemoaning an alarm-emitting scobie..
    Try living in suburban Dublin… It is scobies every where… (and there are loads of alarms too)

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