When luck holds out — 15 Comments

  1. Phew, for a moment there I thought you were going to say she’d siphoned off the contents of your petrol tank. That would have put a dampener on your successful day.

  2. Nick – No chance.  I was very tempted to light a macth though to see if she went ‘woof’.

  3. Yeh! some dog alright.
    You know Grandad it’s a pleasure to hear you in such a good mood.
    Very unMeldrewish!!!

  4. Only one Skobie sighting in the entire town.  Amazing!  We have them here too.  They are everywhere and unfortunately they breed.

  5. TT – Cheap at the price [I sold him Herself’s soul].

    Your Highness – I’m always in a good mood.  Except of course when Im in a bad one.

    Brianf – It was a bit scary.  They normally start breeding at around twelve years and carry on ontil the drugs get them, but they had all vanished yesterday.  Someone must have shouted “Drug Squad”?

    Charmed – It’s difficult to describe a Scobie [or Skanger].  The male of the breed is fairly elusive as it rarely emerges in daylight except to buy drugs.  It’s usual haunt is the bookie, the pob or the labour exchange.  The female of the species is much more common.  Females tend to hang around in pairs [or more] and can be recognised by their adornments consisting of a pushchair with a snotty kid in it, a fag in one hand and a mobile phone in the other.  The young of the Skobie are known as gobblers [from Snot Gobblers].  Female Skobies generally have five or six Gobblers by the time they are eighteen, at which point the heroin generally impedes reproduction.

    Guinea Pig Sighs is a new addition and one of my favouite reads.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t write too often but then it must be difficult for a guinea pig?

    Peckerhead – You don’t drop by very often, but when you do, you make an impact!  Bertie Ahern writing?  hah!  The fucker can’t even speak properly so his writing should be interesting?  Or else his editor is realy going to earn their money…..

  6. Just a couple questions and a few points here:
    What’s a skobie? (never mind, already answered–love your description–we got ’em here too).
    What are beam benders?
    Next time your printer spits out pink letters, use purple paper. (I use cheap, low end HP anything when it comes to ink jet printers. Average quality but the cartridges are always available.
    Now that was a real miracle finding the wire like that. And here they got all excited about a tree stump.
    You should have bought the damn lottery ticket, but only if you found a good parking space. When you won I would have been glad to take a few hundred thousand off your hands.
    Now all you have to do is avoid going into town for about a thousand years and you’ll have the same luck. 😛
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Russian Subs Off East Coast a Surprise? =-.

  7. I was stunned meself, Grandad. And felt you should be alerted, given your veneration of the Great Man.

    If you can’t get the News Of The World in France (and somehow I suspect it’s not a big seller there), hopefully they can keep a copy for you down in the coffee shop.

    Bon voyage!

  8. Bertie Aherne writing about Sport? Fuck sake. And for a rag like that? Just shows you how little he knows about politics that he wasnt invited to write for a more ‘quality’ publication on a more highbrow topic. He should be doing that as a hobby for no salary with the amount of money he earns as a TD and former Taoiseach.

    God i’m all depressed again. Where’s me pills?

  9. Becky – He actually wanted to write for a more up-market publication, but The Dandy wouldn’t have him.

  10. Kate – She keeps breaking through my defences/fences/minefields and wandering down the main road as if she owned it.  She’s intelligent, but the local drivers aren’t so I’m installing one of those electronic dog-collar thingies.

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