Mad kitten — 16 Comments

  1. My babelfish fu is weak. That should have been:
    “C’est l’homme irlandais fol avec la barbe et la pipe encore. Peau!”

  2. Robert – Just out of interest, I got Babelfish to translate it back…..

    It is the Irish man fol with the beard and the pipe still. Skin!


  3. I’ve been up since 4 this morning and it’s beginning to show! D’oh. Hide = Skin.
    Anyway it was supposed to be it is the mad Irishman with the beard and pipe. Hide!

  4. I think Sandy and Minnie would love it if you brought one back from France for them to play with. The language barrier might be a problem though. As long as Sandy doesnt try use the cat as a testing device to see if the electric fence is working!

  5. One hour ago, I finally got rid of a cat that I’ve been trying to get rid of for 3 months.
    I’m off to the pub now to celebrate.
    -No more hairs, no more itching, no more stink. Happy days.

  6. Brianf – Have you had a paternity test yet?

    Becky – I have enough wildlife around this place without introducing more!  Language seems to pose no problems for animals.  I wonder how they manage?

    Chris P – That is no way to refer to your girlfriend, even if she is an ex.

  7. Oh Jebus Grandad,
    don’t get me started on the ex-girlfriend. (12 years of deceit and lies just ended 2 weeks ago.) You touched a raw nerve there, and I’d rather not talk about it for a few years, by which time I might have calmed down.
    I still find your powers of perception uncanny. Unbelievable even.

  8. Aw shit!! Sorry Chris P.  I was having a quiet chat with Yer Man Up There last night and he told me about it [it’s amazing how much He seems to know?]  I was sworn to secrecy but it just sort of slipped out [as I said at my last trial but one].

  9. In true french style a sharp, flat and very heavy  cutting-blade fell and decapitated the little upperclass feline????

  10. I ‘hate’ cats…you never own one….’they’ own you….I said ‘they’ because there always seams to be more than one…’thay’ are like magnets…..shoot the lottle fcukers…I hate them.

  11. SAm – You have a very sick mind. I like it!

    John O – By ‘Herself’, do you mean Herself or another cat?  I don’t think Herself is into bestiality [but I learn something new every day].

    Bubbles – I’m not that fond of them myself, but we did have a cat once that I was very fond of – he thought he was a dog.  Did you mean to misspell ‘fuckers’? 😉

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