Well, here I am — 18 Comments

  1. Maxi – It does seem to be a bit leaner, but is it meaner?  Pint and a pipe anjoyed.  Thanks very much.

  2. I’d say lean and mean and most all the bits appear to be where they’re suppose to be.  Good Job!

  3. Brianf – Even the sidebar is staying where it is when it should [and I didn’t do nuttin’ to fix it!!].  I take it you are seeing beyond Christian Bernaard then?

  4. It really is fast now, even the comments.  Probably as fast as your going to be.  Good job.

  5. Yep welcome back crankly old bugger.  It’s definitely loading nicely and I’m on top of the blogroll so I’m a happy camper! Frustrating I’m sure but worth it in the end.  Had a little panic yesterday!

  6. I have been pretty selective when it comes to installing add ons.  Basically, if an add on did anthing other than just sit there, I would think long and hard about installing it.  It seems to have speeded things up a bit.  Or maybe it’s the server.  I don’t know.

    Brighid – I don’t like titles.  Admin had to go.

    Baino – Weren’t you always at the top?  Or have I forgotten someone who should be at the top?

  7. Ach, if it was easy it would be boring. Nothing wrong with a challenge every now and again

  8. Well done Grandad!!!
    Well – I think so anyway – lets see how long it takes my comment to land!!!

  9. Kate – It’s a bit early in the day to be falling over?  The sun isn’t even over the yardarm yet?

  10. Well done sir. Nice job all around and the posts whilst all the moving about was being accomplished were highly entertaining and easily related to I might being a mover of sites myself. It was very refreshing to just sit back for once and think happily; “Glad it isn’t me this time” (said with all empathy I can muster).
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Contrary to popular belief—I’m normal. =-.

  11. Er, it might be a bit too “after the horse has bolted”, but if you ever have to transfer a MySQL database manually, look for a (free) script called “Bigdump”. It automatically splits your database into manageable, bitesize chunks. I used it a lot and never had a problem.
    But, as you say, the site does indeed feel faster, so you might never need it…

  12. Scribbler – It’s never too late  [you never know when the horse is going to bolt again?].  Thanks for that, even if it does sound like the aftermath of a good Gunness/Vindaloo night?

  13. Haha, yes, its name is a tad suggestive of a (well, my) typical Friday night / Saturday morning scenario. I’d google it carefully, though a quick search will point you in the right direction. Trust me, there’s no need to click “Image” search.

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