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  1. Definitely weird things happening there G. A few secs ago ‘Eat your heart out, Christiaan Bernard’ (10/7) was the latest post!?

    Twilight zone?
    .-= mick´s last blog ..Tarawatch =-.

  2. Yep, I saw the post in my reader and hopped over to see comments and couldn’t get anything to load.  Then got the time warp on another try. I figured if you were moving things, there would be a day or so of server puking all over the place.  I feel the pain, as I’ve had to deal with the same thing in the past.

  3. Why is nothing working??

    Why are the comments all boxy and weird?

    Same database

    Same code

    Same CSS


  4. This is what is really pissing me off.  Yes.  I have moved WP sites before, and never had any problems.  Why am I being hammered this time?

  5. Step away from the computer, go have a glass, and all will be revealed.  Hope you get this corrected because I must say your getting a tiny  bit cranky.

  6. Cranky?  Are you saying I’m getting fucking cranky?


    And why, every time I submit a comment, does it say there is no comment and then post it?

  7. Oh, Holy Shit!!!!!
    I have fixed something.
    Comments look better.
    AT LAST I am getting somewhere.

  8. Things seem to be coming together bit by bit but your Home page still shows the Christiaan Bernard post as the latest and bringing up the single post doesn’t show any newer post navigation at the top, the previous one and Home–interesting. Run a check on the DB and see if it coughs up any errors just to say you did. If it does then a repair might work. Strange thing is I can get to your actual latest posts from my feed reader so that says your feed is working properly.
    Ah, the wonderful world of WordPress at it’s best, ay?

  9. Noticed something else( aren’t you glad?). Having comments enabled on a post takes away your sidebar. Having comments closed (as on “A very moving story”) the sidebar is there.
    Neat trick!

  10. Hi Kirk M!  I don’t know how you are getting the Bernaard post all the time?  It’s fine on mine.  Cache problems at your end?

    What is so strange about this exercise is that I did the simplest possible transfer – Installed a fresh WordPress, created a database and pointed the new install at it.  I then imported everything from the old database and copied over all images, themes etc.  Should be OK, but nothing worked!  All the links to images seem to be arseways [pointing to files that just don’t exist].  My blogroll vanished.  There is that weird thing of the sidebar [nothing has changed in the coding so why is it vanishing??]

    It looks like I have a lot of work to do yet.

    And then I have to start work on three other sites.


  11. Shortly after I posted my first comment, the home page returned to normal without me doing anything. You must have fixed something? You are a genius after all.
    I think the question to ask about the disappearing sidebar is why is it there on a post where the comments are closed and not there on posts where comments are allowed. That’s what I saw anyway. By looking at the source code of “A very moving story” and comparing it to the source code of this particular post it looks very much like the sidebar isn’t even being called. The entire section (div id=”sidebar”) is missing from this post’s source code.
    Perhaps I’ll drag out Firebug and run the little bugger over your site when I get back from my walk.

  12. …looks fine to me right now.

    Other than your author name coming up as admin because you didn’t set your display name yet 😉

  13. Ah I see now why you’re having hassle – you’ve moved from shared to VPS. Right? I did that before and it’s a whole different ballgame to switching from one shared to another. If it’s any consolation I have 17 moves to do his month.

  14. This is the first time I’ve been able to get into your comments box for about six months, so something must be working!

  15. When I clicked on you’re feed,you appeared almost instantly.Used to have to wait or try more than once.Something’s running better.Gonna check out a couple more days,we’ll see how it goes.(take a xanax)

  16. that last comment went light like lightening! Thena bigger comment box appeared,so,mean anything to you?

  17. TheChrisD – On my ‘to do’ list.  *sigh*

    Sneezy – The other way around.  I’m moving from VPS to Shared.  You have my utmost sympathies!

    Nick – Welcome back.  So you are working at last.  At least I got something fixed.

    Sandra – There should be a larger box with all those little gizmos along the top.  Is that what you mean?

  18. The engineers had tried everything but I was completely frozen. Finally they switched me off and switched me on again and everything was fine.

  19. first comment I made had the “old size box” w/gizmos at top,then,after it posted,the bigger box w/gizmos appeared.I was just telling you in case it figured into any of the “todo”you were experiencing.Sounds like things are going a bit better for you since this morning and tis good to see your mug on twitter now and again.

  20. Sandra – I’m still suffering from the odd wobbly.  A few minutes ago I managed to blank the entire site!  Any page I went into just produced a white featureless screen.  It would have been ideal for a site about the North Pole, but I like a bit of colour and a dash of text.

  21. May I just point out that I’ve just purchased a VPS without any control panel from our friends at blacknight. No control panel, no friendly graphical interface and no friendly tutorials either. So far, I’ve sent , and across with a few others to follow shortly.

    If it’s all too much for you, I’ll help out if you want?

    Ha Ha Ha!

    PHPMyAdmin can be tweeked a bit to give you more breathing space when uploading databases.

    And, if your platform…. wordpress is it? is causing you problems, may I suggest you move to Drupal? It’s much better. 🙂

    Have fun.
    .-= Darragh´s last brainfart .. Fáilte go dtí =-.

  22. Sorry, Darragh!  You somehow slipped past the guardogs without my seeing you.

    I am surprised that there isn’t a control panel on your VPS?  I got them to stick Direct Admin on mine as I was very familiar with it, and I liked its features.

    My problem was more a case of familiarising myself with the server layout than with WordPress.  I had all sorts of problems with timeouts and files exceeding their size limits. so had to keep inserting HTACCESS files left right and centre, but I got there in the end.

    Sorry.  Sticking with WordPress 🙂

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