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  1. Hi GD, if you want some new swear words, here are a few Dutch ones:

    Sodamieter op! (Sod off..)
    Pottverdikkema! (It’s supposed to be Gottverdikkema = ‘Fat God’, but gentlefolk complained so they changed the G to a P.
    Gottverdomme! (God be damned…(nasty!)) Also changed to Pottverdomme for same reasons as above. Still, I did read on the news recently that the Irish gov. wants to bring in a new law against blasphemy(?) So maybe you’d better not..
    The Dutch (I generally mix with) don’t care. ‘P’ottless lot.
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. ZWIJNPEST! =-.

  2. Geri – I like foreign words but only when abusing someone.  To call someone a dummkopf is satisfying as it usually confuses them.  Expletives are a different matter though.  ‘Merde’ doesn’t quite have the same impact as a good resounding ‘fuck’?

    Sodamieter op?  I must remember that one……..

  3. I’ve always thought that cursing was an integral part of web design. You can’t get something to work, you let of a string of random swears, go make a cup of tea…come back and it’s all fixed 🙂

  4. I can’t stop the swearing either. I taught children for 2 years and quit cold turkey because I was terrified they’d pick something up from me. Now that I no longer teacher, it’s nothing but f*cks and g*ddamns. The stars represent my lingering shame.

  5. S Mum – Of course it is. It even has it’s own tags – <swear>bollocks</swear>.  It makes things run faster.

    Hiya Liv, and welcome.  You taught swearing to children for two years?  That is class [literally].  Incidentally, what the fuck are you doing moving to this hell-hole of a Godforsaken country?  Are you mad?

  6. I love the way you said to Herself “I will in me hole”. The word “hole” isnt misused enough over here in Enger-land. I cant say “I’ve a pain in me hole with this” or “you can shove it up your hole”. As for “you will in your hole”….blank expressions all round.

  7. Becky – One of the big problems with the Enger-lish is that they don’t know how to use their own language.  It takes us Irish to teach ’em.

  8. Nah – I think I’ll stay as sweet as I am – why would I want to be able to put my hands into ice cold water for any length of time anyway?
    Grandad I nominate you to use my quota of bad language!!
    Granny – I’m sorry!

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