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  1. i’ve waited all day for you to blog and this is all we get? I might just have to defect to the Other fella.

  2. Brianf – The people who matter don’t read this site.  I know that because I haven’t been arrested yet.

    Becky – Don’t tell me you have nothing better to do?  Seriously?  Saaaaad.

  3. I reckon you just feel sorry for him ‘cos nobody likes him and this is your way of getting YOUR readers to read his shite. Well, you old softy you. Mayhaps I will have a shufti at what he has to say. Be honest, though, do you realy want to inflict ME on him ?

  4. TT – I hate to see a grown man cry.

    Be honest, though, do you realy want to inflict ME on him

    Hah!  Do your best/worst.  Let’s see what he is really made of.  😈

  5. Is that it??? It took ages for your site to load (don’t know why – everyone else’s is ok) and thats all there is???????????????????????????????????????

  6. It doesn’t mean diddly squat to me but there appears to be a hellaciously slow load time for your blog.  Here I was  home from the day trip to hell’n back,   Waited two hours for this blog of your’s to load and what’s posted.  Nothing, nadda… Will kick the hens out of the way and hit the hay.  Looking forward to a better day.

  7. Here in Spain loads fine … maybe its just because of the siesta hour ?
    A few beers takes any delay blues away ….

  8. Kate & Brighid – You’re lucky to get anything at all.  Stop moaning.

    Welcome Pauly.  So maybe those whingers above should move to Spain?  Or maybe you just have your priorities right?  😉

  9. Spain? I’d love it! And if your site is quicker from there – it would help too!!
    Adios mi amigo y buena suerte!!!!!

  10. Yeah, obviously no one reads your stuff. 5 freakin’ lines, the last being one single solitary word and here’s 11 comments counting mine. I should be so unread.
    BTW, tt wimped out at the other fella’s place. Poked his head in, said it was “nice to see you” and left. Or perhaps he was just being kind?
    .-= >> Kirk M´s latest brainfart .. Wallpaper Psychology =-.

  11. Christ on a crutch, look at that. Didn’t even think to use the fancy comment box to italicize “unread”. That’s it! I’m shutting down and going to bed.

  12. Kate – I didn’t know you could write in Irish??

    Kirk M – People come here in their droves for one reason and one reason only – to get insulted.  They love it for some reason?  And at least you had the dignity to use ’em’ instead of ‘i’ ?  😉


  13. Good! Got this one done quick ,on to another.Trying to getcaught up after my lengthy no-shows. You generally don’t make it easier on a gal.But am sorry you are in a pisser of a mood(more so than usual?) 

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