My alien artifact — 14 Comments

  1. Seamus – That was another major problem with the wireless one – I kept losing the fucking thing.  I also discovered that they don’t come when called.

  2. I have it on good authority, it must be true I read it in a book, that mice are actually intelligent aliens who contracted God create the Earth so they could use it as a laboratory in their search for the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    Now I admit in the movie they they used real live mice, but I doubt any galactic intelligence will be a living creatures. Instead they will be intelligent machines. These computer mice are actually aliens who are experimenting on us.
    The real problem is that in watching the majority of computer users, they will quickly conclude that there is no intelligent life and our planet will be demolished to make way for an interstellar on ramp.

  3. Jim C – I don’t know what kind of experiments they are running, unless it’s to see how far I can go without cracking?

    TT – You saw a mouse?  Where?  There on the stair? Right there?

  4. Try plugging the mouse in on the side of the laptop opposite to the side you hold it. Trailing the cable across your lap should use up just enough slack that it doesn’t catch in your feet 🙂

  5. Are you sure they are extra buttons GD? Perhaps they’re just the screws for opening the thing?
    (Women’s logic..? No. Just techie ignorance).
    Me, I still use the rubber ball. Quite like picking the fluff out…
    .-= >> Geri Atric´s latest brainfart .. TAKEN SHORT! =-.

  6. I have no idea how you did it Grandad, but my mouse died as I was trying to scroll down this page.

  7. Hey ,

    long time since ive been on there, my RSS reader was creaking for a while and I ignore it for soo long I had to hit the red button on queue.

    So I have a laptop for work, we all got “new” Dell E6400 , the touchpad on them is like trying to steer a tesco trolly with a twitchy octopus in tow. Not fun and it also goes dead for no reason.

    I only use wired mice, and only logitech. Thats after years of mice going through my hands. On both my laptop and my desktop. I also prefer desktops again , as with 2 monitors I am way more productive these days.

    But I digress, here is the best mouse in my own opinion, and my own opinion only.,en

    You can adjust the weight of it as well, which is nice.
    Wireless mice are shite, always run out of juice when you are doing something critical, like getting a head shot on a loud mouth yank kid in Unreal tournament on that internet thing. Er, and designing things as well of course.


  8. Welcome back, Rob.  You were missed [*thinks – who’s Rob?*].  That looks like a rather nice bit of rodent.  Maybe I can persuade Herself to get me one for Christmas?  Ah fuck that – I’ll treat my self on my next non-birthday.

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