How to sell — 11 Comments

  1. Mike – There is a strong lesson to be learned!

    Apparently once he had to sell a mansion in impeccable condition and that nearly stumped him.  He got around it by selling a ‘badly painted front door’ with an attractive house attached.

  2. There is still one agent in the UK that does the very same. It may even be the same company.

  3. Sneezy – If they are still in business, then I am delighted.  The world needs more of them.  Can you imagine television advertising??  Hah!

  4. How refreshing – if only he’d written the ad for my bungalow – I may never have bought it and spent the last 6 years putting it right!!!

  5. TT – I’ll have you know that The Manor does not have rising damp.  I might have, but not the house.

    Hello p m

  6. I  so hope this story is true i would definately enquire…
    Sarcism intellect on the offensive

  7. Welcome, Graham!  Would I ever tell a lie?  It’s tru all right.  Sadly, fifty or so years agoI didn’t know I was going to be writing this or I would cave kept a few cuttings.

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