How to sell — 11 Comments

  1. Mike – There is a strong lesson to be learned!

    Apparently once he had to sell a mansion in impeccable condition and that nearly stumped him.  He got around it by selling a ‘badly painted front door’ with an attractive house attached.

  2. Sneezy – If they are still in business, then I am delighted.  The world needs more of them.  Can you imagine television advertising??  Hah!

  3. How refreshing – if only he’d written the ad for my bungalow – I may never have bought it and spent the last 6 years putting it right!!!

  4. Welcome, Graham!  Would I ever tell a lie?  It’s tru all right.  Sadly, fifty or so years agoI didn’t know I was going to be writing this or I would cave kept a few cuttings.

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