Very sad news about the Titanic? — 17 Comments

  1. Geri – You have caused me no end of trouble.  I had to rescan the article [which is a print of a scan, so it ain’t that good!] and then feck around with the coding.   Click on the image to embiggen.  I hope you think it’s worth it.  *sigh*

  2. Thanks Grandad and I am in total awe of your code fecking – it’s worked a treat!
    Interesting article (were you really ‘charming and humble’ in Oct. 2006?).
    .-= >> Geri Atric´s latest brainfart .. THE WORLD IS OVERFULL =-.

  3. Geri – I am a master code fecker!  I don’t know where they got the ‘charming and humble’ shite.  It must be a misprint?

    Brianf – As far as I remember, I was pissed as a newt that day, so that bastard may have usurped my rightful moment of glory.  I just don’t remember much….

  4. Mick – You weren’t supposed to spot that its an alien.  Now I have to return it to Area 51.  Just when it was settling in so nicely, and all……..

    Lafsword – Thank you.  I think?  I wish I could remember who did the interview that day.

  5. Laurie has one of those alien spiders also but she refuses to give it back. Those guys that kept coming around in black, unmarked SUV’s stopped bothering us when we began shooting back though. Guess the spider wasn’t worth the trouble?
    And why can’t I have those types of problems when I’m riding the train? Wait, we only get freight trains up here. No wonder I haven’t seen any other passengers. Probably why the cars are always so damn drafty now that I think about it.
    This site sure is getting technical like. CommentLuv, fancy comment box and now ratings (And I used it too). Good lord how is a man like me supposed to cope with all this advanced technology?

  6. Kirk M – I’m training my spider to chase the local cats.  He’s also very good at tranforming things into other things.  Im trying to get him to make gold out of lumps of coal, but he hasn’t quite got it right yet.  Would you have any use for half a ton of lumps of plastic?

    Sorry about all the gizmos.  I’m a bit of a messer at heart.  The Comment Luv [shit! what a fucking name!] is a thing I like on other sites, so I stuck it here.  The comments thing was because I was pissed off sticking thise angle bracketty things in.  The ratings yoke?  I haen’t a fucking clue why that’s there.  Saw it on a couple of other sites so I stuck it on to see how it worked.  I’ll remove ’em if you like?

  7. Nah, you leave ’em right there. Gives me more things to poke at and I really like the CommentLuv thing myself as well as the WYSIWYG comment box. I’m thinking of trying those two myself.

    I’m guessing that the ratings hoo-hah has some sort of admin statistics thingy you can look at now and then? Might be cool to leave that there for awhile although you might get a bit bored looking at 4’s and 5’s all the time.

    And no, don’t really have need for a half a ton of lumps. Have you thought of packing them up by two’s and three’s and sending them off to your government officials? You could scratch something like a “C-#” on the side of one of them in the package but make sure the number after the dash is somewhat obscured. Might liven up their day some?

    And for some reason CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be picking up the commenter’s latest post. Maybe the fancy comment box interfering with it?. That’d be a bummer.

  8. Sighs – I don’t when I’m writing or hunting guinea pigs.  Incidentally, if ever you visit, you’ll be staying in that red yoke behind my left shoulder.  Heh!

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