How green can you get? — 18 Comments

  1. I thought John Gormley was the miserable, self serving, hypocritical, cowardly, incompetent, insufferable cunt?

  2. Robert – He is [they all are] but the buck stops at the top.  Anyway Gormless is denying responsibility.  Cowardly?

  3. Perhaps you can mix in some additional plants? poision ivy, poison oak, nightshade, helmlock… the list goes on.

  4. Jim C – If I had the contract [ and who wouldn’t want it? Throw a few seeds around and get €230,000?? ] I probably would throw in some Deadly Nightshade and some Giant Hogweed, but unfortunately I don’t.  🙁

  5. I have some Atropa Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) seeds.  It’s a beautiful plant.  I have it growing on one corner of my front porch.  I’ll send ya’ some seeds.

  6. Brianf – You are all right, thanks.  I have great bushes of it growing in the front garden.  Herself uses it for some of her herbal remedies. 😈

  7. Alas Grandad herbal emedies would be lost on Cowan and his ilk. If he was gone I don’t see anyone else committed to the Nation as opposed to self-serving pronouncements. Whar we need is ethnic cleansing of the “political classes” and the dynasties that have a stranglehold on the political system. Anyone up for a bit of ethnic cleansing??

  8. the mind fuckin boggles. 230,000k for a few rolls of turf from homebase or are they going to ‘dig’ a lawn and sow actual seed? I cant believe the waste of money over there.

    I’m well shot of that kip so i am.

  9. King’s Bard – I could send over a batch of my wife’s  of “special brownies” that are just about guaranteed to cleanse them out real good but leave ’em alive to regret it.
    So they’re wasting your money to put in a lawn? Fine then, as soon as it gets high enough you can graze your sheep on it. Then you can charge the bastards for keeping the lawn at a proper height. That’s green ain’t it? Organic mowing?

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  10. King’s Bard – Actually I am completely behind this new lawn.  I think it is a great idea.  We need somewhere nice to build the gallows.

    Beck – Our Glorious Government will never pay €10 when they can pay €100.  I think it has something to do with having the brain of an amoeba.  Or more likely – the supplier is a pal of theirs.

    TT – I should hope it’s nice. At about €1 a fucking blade, it had better be nice.


  11. FF green, greens yellow, a shade confused, but hey maybe BC is Irelands ‘lawnmower man’, and the greens are really Pastoral Greenery and Outdoor Services Inc!
    (Just wondering if Gormley left would they be renamed ‘gormless’?)
    Actually i still like the greens, they just need to find their bark!

  12. I think we must be the laughing stock of the EU.  Cap in one had and lawn mower in the other…FFS..We ( and I do mean we the people of Ireland) voted for these bastards to run (ruin) our country…And I thought the Americans were fools when the gave your man Bush a second term…..

  13. What corrupt politicians over there too!!? And I thought the US took the lead in screw the people just line your pockets.

  14. Mick – I used to admire the greens in a quirky kindof way, but they have lost it.  They are now suffering the PD disease.

    Cathal – I honestly think they have totally lost the plot.  Either that or they are collectively insane.  Either that or they really are on a different planet.

  15. Yo!  Welcome, Elaine.  All the way from Kirkland? 😉   Sadly you gave us McDonalds, and American slang.  Now we have adopted your corrupt politicians.  I suppose they will try to start a war next?

  16. “You miserable, self serving, hypocritical, cowardly, incompetent, insufferable cunt.”

    Grandad I just gave your post a 5 star rating for this line alone, not a truer word has been said. The scary thing is you had to specify which useless self serving cunt you were referring to, as almost all Fianna Fails front bench could be described in this way.

    If your company was in severe financial difficulty, if everything was about to collapse around your ears, income dropping like an essex girls knickers, expenditure going through the roof, would you hire a few primary school teachers & country solicitors to try and turn things around?

    No of course you wouldn’t, so why the fuck do we hire them to run the country, when it’s fucked, (and was fucked by THEM) why are these the people we turn to when all seems hopeless & lost? Can anyone answer that for me cos every day it bothers me a little more.

    It’s like the guy at the wheel doesn’t have a licence to drive.

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