Drain Cleaner — 10 Comments

  1. Dorothy – The pints are optional but highly recommended. Herself doen’t partake in the Black Stuff [much] and she loves my Drain Cleaner, though she prefers to call it ‘bolognaise’ for some strange reason. Print this page off and get Himself to cook it for you! [the recipe, not the page] 😉

  2. Loving this! No fancy sauce out of a jar here – plain ole ketchup! Have you tried pouring some of the black stuff on along with the ketchup? Actually, on second thoughts, maybe not
    .-= >> Charmed´s latest brainfart .. Gender evolution =-.

  3. Charmed – Recipes piss me off when they look for something that I don’t have lying around the place. It would mean doing a shopping for ingredients that will just end up cluttering the place. I do occasionally throw in extras, like a spoonfull of curry powder [delicious!!!] or a fist full of mixed herbs. Its a great base for experimentation. But not Guinness. Too sloppy.

    Welcome Jelly!! It is yum. It looks good, tastes delicious and the carrot [because it doesn’t get fully cooked] gives nice little crunchy bits that taste nice too. Jayzus but I’m getting hungry again…………

  4. Ahaha. Loving the tomato ketchup bit, Grandad. Having trouble with my Bioflow system so I might give this a whirl tomorrow xx

  5. Grandad (feel slightly emontional calling u that) I am wondering what Maxi would say if I made that for him

  6. E Mum – Do let me know how you get on.  You won’t regret it!

    Jelly – [I feel slightly wobbly calling you that]  Try it.  He might even thank you for it?

    Kate – Soda bread is simple.  Take a loaf of bread and add soda.  If you don’t have soda, tonic will do [or even red lemonade?].

    TheChrisD – It is so simple, even Baby Bear could do it.  Go on.  Give it a lash.

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