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  1. I still can’t believe you threw away puppychild’s Satanic inkblot painting. That would’ve come in so handy in the Apocalypse.
    .-= >> K8´s latest brainfart .. Sheepish =-.

  2. Kirk M – There are several logical answers to this….

    1. You are looking at the blonde with the tits.
    2. You have a crack on your screen, or
    3. you have a dirty mind.

    Answers on a postcard please……

  3. I bet the Pope is just sitting back thinking, “Oy Vey! Why did they stick me with those Irish feckers? Now I have to send a bunch of Cardinals just to prove to them it’s a rotten tree stump. If those Celtic looneys want to worship a tree stump let ’em go back to their pagan rites of dancing at night and howling to the moon! Geez! God gave them Guinness. What else do they want?”
    .-= >> Brianf´s latest brainfart .. Independence Day 233 years later =-.

  4. I wonder though who is flocking to see this tree stump? Is it the same guys who go to father Ted weekends? I mean real people dont fall for this kind of shit do they? I mean I could look it up in the papers and read about it, but I cant be arsed. And beside I have to get down to my local church where we are going to say some repetitve prayers whilst staring at images of a man nailed to a piece of wood.

    .-= >> SAm Crea´s latest brainfart .. Wiki-pedia (it even sounds Very Vicki Pollard) =-.

  5. What baffles me is that if these people take the BVM seriously, as some of them obviously do, why they should reduce her to ridicule by suggesting she would appear on a tree stump.

    However, being a hard nosed old Prod, I am probably missing something.

  6. Kirk M – You mean there is more than one? You do have problems!

    Brianf – The pope will never complain so long as there is money to be made out of it.

    K8 – I did wonder that myself. A Jewish Hitler Youth? A new concept!

    SAm – I had a look at the news reels, and let’s just say that I don’t think there were many captains of industry or university graduates amongst the crowds. Must of them reminded me of an Irish version of Cletus.

    Ian – I think the believers are the ones who aree missing something? [Like a few brain cells?]

    Baino – Sell it on eBay! You will make a fortune.

  7. Stepford Mum – Welcome to my humble abode! I think you overestimate the hallucinogenic power of Guinness. That only causes people to see real things like armadillos and Elvis. That crowd down the country were probably drinking battery acid or Budweiser.

  8. “battery acid or Budweiser.”
    Boy, you got that shit right!
    Around here it’s also known as ButtWipers
    SpudWeiser, when it really doesn’t matter
    piss water
    fill-in-the-blank crap.
    .-= >> Brianf´s latest brainfart .. Independence Day 233 years later =-.

  9. Brianf – In fairness to Budweiser, they are very honest in their advertising [which is a rare thing these days]. They love showing us dray horses thereby demonstrating exactly where their product comes from?

  10. Indeed, this delusional/illusional shite happens all the time here in Arizona and if its a slow news day makes the six o’clock with big breasted breathless Bunnys reporting Our Lady of Guadalupe is indeed visable on a corn tortilla or the dirty windshield of a 57 Chevy. An old cockhound from my school days is now a retired priest and has Our (His?)Lady tattooed on his back and a very sick looking Christ on the cross on his chest. I mean to ask him if he said mass in the nude and did the congreation look at the Virgin or his fat ass. Ah, if God dropped acid would She see people ? And if God didnt want man to eat pussy She wouldnt have made it look like a taco….Its Sunday, I think I’ll do something religious like drop some Sunshine and go to mass and have a taco with a tequila chaser for brunch….

    RWG, Himself

  11. I am sure there are many Monty Python quotes I could use at this time – but it might be seen as being blasphemous …….

    Did you happen to get a photo of the hippo – I would have liked to see that?
    .-= >> Kate´s latest brainfart .. True Love =-.

  12. RWG – There is nothing I can add to that!

    Kate – We have to be careful about blasphemy here. The government seems to be very keen on it. Sorry – no photos. I always forget that my phone has a camera built in.

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