When the manure hits the windmill — 4 Comments

  1. You’re a clever bloke, sure can’t you whip up your own PC using a calculator and a wireless radio and a coathanger? You could use that old car battery that’s been hanging around our front garden if you’d like.
    .-= >> K8´s latest brainfart .. White Sage =-.

  2. I’ve got an old PII sitting on the porch that might still work. Win98 on it last I remember. There’s an old Apple IIE (enhanced!) as well but “Open-Apple-Reset” might not be to your liking.

    I just reloaded the old beater with Windows XP Pro–again. So are ya’ back yet or what?
    .-= >> Kirk M´s latest brainfart .. Lacking posts but accomplishing more? =-.

  3. K8 – Good thinking. The old days of making crystal sets came in handy after all.

    Kirk M – Have you nothing with Windows 3.1 on it? I can’t understand this modern stuff at all.

    Susan – I never spill my beer on PCs or anything else. It’s too precious.

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