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  1. please send a large supply of those pills to Gordon Brown asap as he has a lot of members that need enlargement. Up until now they’ve been doing it via expenses living off the fat of the (our) land.

  2. Mike – You lot don’t know you’re born!! You have MPs who are caught out fiddling paltry sums of money who then have the decency to resign. We have to cope with bastards who pay themselves rediculous salaries, who refuse to take paycuts despite taxing OAPs and the unemployed and who grant themselves massive pensions while still in office. I admire your lot, to be honest!

  3. The people of South Dublin enlarged their member by far more than eighteen inches – but they were starting out with Minnie Brennan

  4. Brianf – He already does [and both feet].

    Ian – Minnie Brennan? Of the Riordans?

    Baino – Take it from an expert – you do not want to be lumbered with some of my clients!! Incidentally, if you want that cut, you’ll need to get the address right! Heh! 😈

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