Female driver — 13 Comments

  1. Well done Sandy! Can she come visit me please, and teach me that cyclist-walloping?

  2. Also … why the fuck to I get a ‘stars and stripes’ next to my name ?… thats enough to make me boycott any site … grrrrrr

  3. Susan – Do you want me to send a couple of cyclists too?

    Moon – Yes, I did. Could you clean it up please?

  4. I am located here, Newport Beach, CA… but it gives the impression I am a fat American …..:-(

  5. Hippie also likes to stick her head out of the car window – I find it very worrying….. her face is quite long and she likes to nudge cyclists as we pass!

  6. Kate – Nothing wrong that? *ponders on the picture of a dog ramming her nose up a lycra clad arse at 30 miles per hour….*

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