From the problem mailbag — 5 Comments

  1. A google search for “lesbian equestrian” does not turn up the site you mentioned, but headrambles does rank 10 when you search that term. I wonder how much it will increase your visitor count?

  2. When asked by his bank manager why he had not reported the theft of his credit card, a man replied, “It seemed a good investment, the thief was spending less than my wife would”.

  3. Thanks Grandad, email me your username and password for the site and I’ll send you some baccy.

  4. Jim C – I am becoming an expert at getting to the top of Google! Heh!

    Ian – I can empathise with that man. That’s why I’m giving my card to Maxi.

    Maxi – You can have my card. [Don’t worry – I have hundreds]. One crate of Condor will be sufficient. Thanks.

  5. That’s why I can’t buy your book online Grandad. Haven’t got a credit card – all been pinched by perverts! Sob!

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