From the problem mailbag — 5 Comments

  1. A google search for “lesbian equestrian” does not turn up the site you mentioned, but headrambles does rank 10 when you search that term. I wonder how much it will increase your visitor count?

  2. When asked by his bank manager why he had not reported the theft of his credit card, a man replied, “It seemed a good investment, the thief was spending less than my wife would”.

  3. Jim C – I am becoming an expert at getting to the top of Google! Heh!

    Ian – I can empathise with that man. That’s why I’m giving my card to Maxi.

    Maxi – You can have my card. [Don’t worry – I have hundreds]. One crate of Condor will be sufficient. Thanks.

  4. That’s why I can’t buy your book online Grandad. Haven’t got a credit card – all been pinched by perverts! Sob!

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