A shower of whingers — 16 Comments

  1. With all the years I spent at sea and all the tropical islands I visited while doing so I never could quite grasp the need for lying around on a beach. Never could see the sense in it. To me beaches, like the woods or wilderness in general, are for exploring. If I care to take a swim or two while I’m there that’s fine too but lying around wasting a perfectly good, warm, sunny day is my idea of a complete waste.

    Give me a long deserted beach in the middle of the winter where I can walk and think in peace is my idea of a trip to the beach.

  2. Having spent the last three weeks out canvassing in the wet, wind and cold, the fine weather for the past couple of days has been very welcome indeed 🙂

    Luckily I also live beside the sea so tomorrow will certainly be a day for the beach!

  3. Of course, if the weather brings so many cars to the village that there is not space for lorries to get through and the whole place becomes seized up, it saves on the carbon emissions being taken elsewhere.

  4. I’ll freely admit to hating ‘good’ (sunny) weather. I tweeted about it today even.

    I’m different to the examples you mention above however because I love cold, wet and windy weather.

    Yes, I’m that weird

  5. Kirk M – I agree. Beaches are for wandering along looking for interesting flotsam and jetsam [and the occasional interesting pair of knockers, if lucky]. I’m a mountain man myself and am quite happy if I don’t visit the sea at all.

    Robert – You haven’t knocked on my door yet? I have been waiting. And waiting.

    Ian – I was in the village today, and it was sheer bedlam. At one stage the entire area was blocked solid for about ten minutes until someone went up to a woman and pointed out to her that she was double parked and that nothing could move in the entire area because of her. I had to eliminate her for the sake of public safety. Anyone want a spare Punto?

    Tommy – Yes, you are weird. Don’t worry though as acknowledging your problem is the first step to recovery. I know a very good shrink if you are interested?

  6. Send me some sunshine . .it’s freezing here! Well pretty cold and wet anyway. Which is fine if you’re a dog’s nose but not so good for me!

  7. Baino – Fair’s fair. You lot Down Under were gloating for the last six months. Now it’s our turn. Don’t be greedy.

  8. GD – You’ll be waiting!

    Unfortunately you are about 120 miles away from my urban area!


    You might see me in 4 months while out canvassing for the upcoming general election 😉

  9. After a week of Irish summer weather I for one was quite happy to see the blue skies and sunshine today. Tomorrow shall be another day of temps in the 80’s, low humidity and Lots-O-Sunshine. Except for the low humidity, it sounds like summer to me.

  10. Robert – More false election promises?

    Brianf – Through my web site, I spread the fine weather to whoever reads it. You must admit, I am generous?

  11. have to say i am loving the sunshine i can finally ride my back i got a present ages back so now am taking advance of this great weather.

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