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  1. Passive fat?

    I saw a woman at the weekend with proper cankles. I really couldn’t tell where her ankles began and her calfs(ves?) ended.

    I pushed my lunch to one side as she waddled past huffing and puffing.

    I dunno though, being an ex smoker I see your point and feel your pain.
    Breathing second hand smoke is easier done than breathing second hand fat.

  2. Maxi – Passive fat could be a bigger problem than we think? What do they do with the extracts from liposuction? Do the clinics really have a contract to supply McDonalds?

  3. Think you will find that most nico-nazis are former puffers themselves. my experience of ex-addicts of anything is that they tend to hate being around their old habits. Ex-drinkers are an absolute pain in the (w?)hole. Cant imagine what a former fatty would be like, all hankering for a bucket of big macs washed down with a pint of eclair cream!

  4. Dunno about global warming. Most vegetarians I know eat stuff that makes you fart like a demon, yet they are thin as rakes.

    Also it could be argued that fat people are providing an excellent carbon sequestering service.

  5. SAm – That leaves me wondering what I can give up so that I can become an anti fanatic?

    Thrifty – They are as thin as rakes because they are starved. Actually, what I meant to say is that fat people eat whole pigs and cows, and they produce a lot of methane.

  6. I think the Irish gubmint needs to delclare this a national emergency!
    All people should be forced to walk to work. Anyone more than 5 lbs overweight should be forced to join a gym(on there own dime). Lack of Gym attendance will count against your drivers license. People who refuse to comply shall be refused entrance to fast food restaurants and chippy vans. As a final resort, those who continue to live a non-sanctioned, unhealthy lifestyle shall be relocated to a Gub’mint sanctioned re-education camp.

  7. Brianf – What are you on about? America is the Blubber Capitol of the World!! Clean out your own house before laying down the law here.

  8. Never a truer word said. You know the goverment were talking about bringing out a fat tax for ireland. its like when you buy food you have to pay a certain amount to the goverment on “fat tax”. I know that a certain resurant brought out the fat tax in ireland a few years back. I went in ordered some food and when i got my bill it had the tax on it. i aksed the waiter whats this charge for and he said well its a little charge we give to all our customers who are a bit over weight. I just gave him a hissy fit of a rant saying that i wasnt fat and i walked out of the resturant. Thank god now the so called fat tax resturant is now closed. I think that the smoikng ban was the worse thing that could ever happen to ireland.

  9. Vicky – I’m surprised at the government bringing in a fat tax? Didn’t Mary Harney have a say in the matter?????

  10. Slagging smokers AND big-eaters; charging a “fat-tax”; forcing gym-membership on people when we have parks to walk and run in and a lounge rug to do some exercises on? Are you all nuts? It’s a private decision for folk to smoke the baccy or eat crap. Now that the smokers don’t annoy the the anti-smokers, and healthy-eaters don’t dwell in the same eateries as Big-Mac-lovers, then all should be well, no?? Or have you all caught some Nanny-State-ness all of a sudden? Those that need a bit of boost to will-power to give up an out-of-control consumption if they wish have ample help and advice to avail of. I did it with cheese and that was hard [Parmesan].

    Now that us smokers and polluters are banned from pubs, I think Premier League soccer matches and the ‘OY REF’ bellowers in pubs should follow suit. In the name of noise pollution. Ever called in for a quiet pint / bowl of chowder to a inviting tavern on a Sunday afternoon and had Alex Ferguson in your face? Banning fat people of invading your space is going a bit far I think.

    Excluding McDonalds / BKing / Abrekebabra and Guinness farts naturally. Now that is pollution worse than an un-tipped Sweet Afton…..

  11. I ate in the RTE canteen last week BTW and it was full of very skinny chat-show presenters and news reporters and tuna sandwiches. Maybe I didn’t see the obese section….;-)

  12. @Vicki Rogers: Good points all around and no, you’re not fat at all. Waiter was blind, must have been.

    I should have been earlier. You took my response to Vicki’s comment right out from under me. That is if a slightly bent American like myself is allowed to comment on a cow like Mary Harney.

  13. SHoop – Where did I slag smokers? I think any jury would acquit me on that one. I just thought it was time for me to lash out at someone for a change, seeing as I’m usually the target. I am quite happy to switch my sights to people who want to watch sport in pubs. In fact I woud be quite happy to start a campaign to ban televisions in pubs altogether, I have complained about them often enough. As for the RTE canteen – unless the standard of food has changed radically since my day, you will only find skinny people ther. They are all starved.

    Kirk M – As a publicly elected representative, Ms Harney is fair game for abuse from any neck of the woods. And the more the merrier!

  14. You didn’t slag smokers GD – I just wanted to get that off me chest / lungs and your blog was handy 😉

  15. You really need come visit and not rely upon photos supplied by either the BBC or RTE.

  16. SAm – That is disgusting. You’d probably get lost.

    Brianf – No need to rely on them. I have several tons of evidence in various landfill sites.

  17. Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go round. Everyone knows that.

  18. Bit late on this one … but you should know i am ‘fatist’ .. Can’t stand fat people moaning about how tough it is, and how lucky i am not to have a fat gene … bollocks, stay out of Burger King then !!!

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