Solving our problems — 7 Comments

  1. Never work. To test them for 5 or 6 months, you would actually have to teach them something in school. That would mean hiring and keep actual teachers who knew their subjects and who could convey that knowledge. That would require a group of dedicated administrators who had the ability to lead those teachers.

    You are asking for a miracle.

  2. Jim C – Of course it would work. Who said anyhing about teaching them anything extra? Just stretch things out a bit – three weeks to do an essay instead of three hours?

  3. I think it’s a good idea – there would be no need for extra teaching time, they could just use questions from all the past papers and get them to spend their time answering those! It would have the added advantage of putting them off studying for life thus resolving the college fee problem!

    Oh, and add PE to the core subject group, test them on it daily, and thereby solve the obesity in young people issue as well!

  4. Dorothy – When you really think about it, the advantages are numerous. Once they came out the far end, they would be so shell-shocked they would work at anything for any money thereby helping the unemployment and Social Welfare situation.

  5. Oh i think thats a great idea. I might actaully get some peace and quite instead of the bloody tweens screaming about their bloody bebo and mobile phones. you never know if this does really happen it would make coffee shops a heaven to sit in. If it also means less traffic on the roads even better.

  6. Nice one Gramps! the only problem would be the number and scale of the bush drinking parties that they would have after doing all of these exams. Still I would be in favour of your proposal – where’s the petition so that I can sign up in support? – I’d settle for August if they start haggling with you about it…

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