Grandad solves your problems — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you again for the wonderful advice. I love the way you speak honestly and how you take no prisoners. Your totally right they do take up to much space. I have since got rid of this persons mobile number and if i ever see him again he will get a good kick in the B and it will be a hard kick too.

    I would just also like to say that i was reading your blog the other day the suffer little children piece and it makes me very angry as well. A friend of the family had to go to the christian brothers school and he did suffer badly but thankfully now hes doing ok thats thanks to a love of a good woman and his daft dog to keep him company.

    I went to a school ran by nuns and to this day i really have no respect for them. You just have to watch certain films about the girls homes just so you can get my point. Thoses nuns were excuse my language complete bitches and i still hate them to this day.

    Thanks again for everything and i have to say this again i really do love your blog.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    One of the great things about getting older is that I can call a spade a coon spade and get away with it because I’m just another cranky old fart. I won’t start back into the Suffer Little Children piece for the moment, because I too am extremely angry, especially at the utter shite that Ahern is coming up with. And it looks like I’ll have to appoint you Chairman Chairperson of the Headrambles Fan Club! Heh!

  3. woo hoo your very own fanclub you must be chuffed. Well if thats the case pints of guinness alround so. I dont blame you for being angry herself (thats what i call my mum) is spitting feathers and very Peeved off with this situation and i certainly dont blame her. thanks again for the great advice. Thats my favourite saying by far calling a spade a spade. Its so true

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