Incommunicado — 10 Comments

  1. I stand in awe of your masterly plot to silence the ringing menace. I bow at the feet of a true artist. I am not worthy.
    Now for the goggle box?

  2. Mike – There must be satellites up there that aren’t pumping out endless drivel like “America’s greatest car chases” or re runs of “Friends”? I’m going to look for them.

  3. Hiya, you don’t need to get the satellite box connected to the phone. Mine is not and everytime a technician come at home I just use an extension lead if he really insist.

    It’s a plot to push you buying pay per view ‘documentary’ movies on adult channels!

  4. Ian – Hum my arse! I know a crackle and a hiss when I hear one. And before the CIA claims credit – I know their interfering tones too. Aliens/Americans/Illuminati/New World Order/Opus Dei have all learned to love and respect me.

    Paschal – It isn’t. I had a Sky trainee out at one stage and you wouldn’t believe the shite he came up with. He said the phone connection was to ensure I didn’t give the box to anyone else, and that it I diconnected the phone I would be charged €50 a month. I wonder if he managed to extract that remote control?

  5. As you say it’s a lot of shite, they can’t charge anything like that! I never plugged any phone line on the box since I got it 5 years ago!

    Maybe they keep the best technicians in Dublin and send the gobshites everywhere else?

  6. He’s been at the wiring again!
    Put plan DTp3.4 into operation again and would someone make sure that damn Bulgarian doesn’t mess it up again!?
    Oh yea, YankeeHotelFoxtrotNinerNiner

  7. Paschal – It’s all kind of achademic anyway. Those fuckers in Eircom still haven’t called out.

    The CIA – *sigh* You lot are the most incredibly amateurish bunch of idiots. Can’t you get anything right? I’ll tell you what – tell your lads to knock on my door and I’ll show them how it should be done.

  8. Hey if Eircom haven’t called out maybe its’ because they read your blog 😉

  9. That is begining to look like a distinct possibility. Still no sign of them……

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