Sandyford Lads — 11 Comments

  1. You must be joking? They have driven a bloody motorway through it and I can’t even find the damned place now.

  2. Ah, the good old days. When you didn’t have to wear a seat belt to keep the airbags from killing you in an accident.

  3. Sandyford has become more a state of mind than a place!

    The poor village has been left on the periphery of things – far removed from the station that bears its name

  4. JD – You have no idea! Heh!

    Xbox – Is that you, Mary??

    Brianf – The car I had then didn’t have a radio, a heater or any of those new-fangled seat belts. It was just a decent banger.

    Ian – I eventually found the old village. It’s a little cul de sac off a brand new road. It’s all full of ramps and bollards and is very strange. The old pub is still there, and I should have called in for old time’s sake, but didn’t.

  5. when the nominated returned to relay the details of the sermon, would he stand on a rock with outstretched and upturned palms and bellow the details and warn you all of your impending descent to the fires of hell? or would he just give you the bones of the thing? And sure at least you were still getting a bit a religion…

  6. Ah, I yearn too for those days Granddad. Days when you’d settle your differences with sixty rounds of bare knuckle boxing, after which you’d pick up all the dislodged teeth and divide them evenly with your foe. If you were lucky, you’d come out of the scrap with more teeth than you went in with. Great days.

  7. SAm – They would just give the gist of the sermon – enough to satisfy a suspipcious parent. Long sermons would waste valuable drinking time.

    Irish B – We preferred to settle our differences in a gentlemanly sportsmanlike manner. Each side had a choice of golf clubs.

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