The quiet life — 16 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    Sometimes when nothing is happening that says volumes about what has happened! Too deep??

  2. Sneezy – I thought not. *sigh*

    John O – Why? What has happened? Have I missed something? Again?

    The CIA – If you call that a good job I’d hate to see a bad one!

  3. We have now officially gone 100% wireless. The guy from Eircom really was!
    Have a nice day!
    (ps. we have to say that. It’s in our contract)

  4. There’s loads happening.

    It’ll cost you a 50 spot to know about it though.

  5. There’s loads going on, but it’ll cost you a 50 spot to know about it.

  6. Not much on this end either. But I do have to say, I am relieved that your wife can now have access to the outside world again and have someone to complain to about you… It’s an important thing in a relationship you know….?

  7. So apparently things are beginning to happen?

    For a start Maxi and the CIA are suffering from a bad dose of Blog Echo [a pint of castor oil will sort that, lads].

    Also Twenty has found something to write about?

    And Kirk M is back!

    And it appears that Maxi is in fact an Eircom trainee?

    Finally, the mystery of the terrible interference on the radio has been solved – the fucking CIA again!

  8. Kirk M. is back!!! That’s what happened! Great news. Nada from my house,same old same old.

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