Grandad replies — 4 Comments

  1. oh by god man you are great. You take no prisoners thats always a great quality to have in ones life. I will use the hysterical laugh as it might confuse them all. Thank you again for the helpful advice.

  2. Vicky – I do my best. Of course I take no prisoners. I have nowhere to keep them, and they make too much noise. It’s easier to just dump them in the landfill. Best of luck with the laugh.

  3. Whatever about the No 1, I’m saving the No 2 for Willie O’Dea in the August General Election !!!

  4. I had FF at the door last night and the best they could come up re the candidate with was “ah sure he’s a local lad” . I like engaging the F*****s because time wasted on my doorstep saves some other gullible fool being taken in. I do resent coming home to find half a rainforest in glossy leaflets lying there.

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