The Mighty Irish Rangers — 19 Comments

  1. A US Marine jumps out of an airplane a mile out to sea and swims with a 70lb pack on his back and his weapon in his hands to the swamp where he crawls past an enemy stronghold to get to his rally point. He says, “I love this shit!”
    A US Army Ranger HALO’s three miles out to sea and swims with a 70lb pack on his back and two weapons in his hands to the swamp where he crawls past an enemy stronghold to get to his rally point. He says, “I REALLY love this shit!”
    An Irish Ranger falls down while playing futbol and scrapes his knee. He says, “What kind of shit is this?”

  2. I suppose it just goes to show that the Irish are a peace loving, caring bunch of people and not a gang of warmongering blood-lovers?

  3. Oh C’mon!!!
    It’s warmongering, blood thirsty, baby killing blood-lovers!
    and are you so loving and caring that you won’t even allow the brave men it is they’re defending to play a bit of soccer or volleyball.
    I love your line,
    “You know guns are dangerous, and you might get hurt. Anyway, they make loud noises and that’s not good for your ears.”
    , juxtaposed with this line from the article,
    “There was also a gym “which includes such facilities as mats for engagement in judo and other self-defence activities which may assist personnel in warding off assaults”.
    Hahahahaha! I’m picturing an assault on the Irish brigades by armed tribesmen and the soldiers practicing judo.

  4. You see, Brianf – the difference between you lot and us lot is that we go into a foreign country and just watch to make sure they fight fair. You lot march in [uninvited] and bomb the shite out of them with weapons of mass destruction.

  5. and?
    We march in, blow the shit up, blow it way the fuck up, take names and sort it all out afterwards. Much easier that way. There’s no messing around with the he said she said crap. We just blew it the fuck up. Now who’s gonna’ take over? Right! You with the funny hat. You’re in charge. Don’t fuck it up or we’ll come back and blow you the fuck up!
    See? Easy Peasey!

  6. You march in [uninvited] and blow the fuck out of the place. While everyone is milling around in confusion wondering where their house is/was, you lot scratch your heads wondering what the hell to do next. Until of course you decide you have had enough fun and games, whereupon you bugger off leaving the poor people to wonder what the bejayzus happened to their country.

  7. I wonder whether they have the scientific proof to back that up. Statistically you’re probably more likely to be hurt from actually fighting out there, than by falling over playing a bit of football.

  8. Now you keep using this ‘uninvited’ word. I guess you’re right. We were uninvited into both france and Germany…twice. But of course that doesn’t count because it doesn’t fit into the arguement that the US is bad and it’s funny how noone seems to remember the 20-some odd UN resolutions against Saddam and the boys. I guess that’s just an inconvienient fact.

    • I’m not a fan of the Uk but they paid dearly down to the last bullet for America coming belatedly into WWII. This in spite of the fact that America had to enter the war as Japan and Germany forced them to. The japs through Pearl Harbour and Hitler declared war on the US. England finally paid off its war debt to the US in the early 2000’s. That’s how the US became the richest country in the world. For more info look up The Marshall Plan. England also had to pay to rebuild Germany. There were three winners of WWII; Germany, Japan and the US

  9. TheChrisD – You aren’t tempted to enlist then?

    Brianf – Actually you were invited into France and Germany, and anyway there was an actual war on both times. As for the UN – I don’t remember them declaring war?

  10. Just more of the same ……..

    Personally I’d let em all play soccer and give them a box of ‘disney plasters’!

  11. Paddy – It has just occurred to me…. how are they to get home again? We can’t run the risk of them getting air-sick or sea-sick?

  12. See the problem here is health & safety and cost savings gone mad, the troops want to play ball, just like they did in the congo, leb, cyprus and so on, but now some pen pushing civil servant in the department has said we are losing X number of mandays on sporting injuries, lets tell them to stop playing ball.

    When stuck thousands of miles away from your family for months at a time sports is a big stress reliever and to say the irish troops are soft is grossly unfair

    So in a nutshell dont blame the troops in the 40 degree heat, they just follow the orders, blame the pen pushing civil servant in his nice office in dublin who is looking to save a few quid to justify his increment….

  13. That Russell guy was/is nuts! They need to screen their folks for mental problems a hell of a lot better than they currently do. There have been unknown numbers of talking heads on the TV news droning on and on about how poorly the soldiers mental health is taken care of. The nutcase was ready to snap and nobody noticed or noticed too late. It’s a tragedy. Maybe now more troops will get better mental health care.

  14. Alan – I’m not blaming the troops. Once again I’m highlighting the complete and absolute idiocy of our Nanny State that wants to wrap us all in cotton wool in case we might scratch ourselves.

    Brianf – He did seem to slip through the net all right!

    Baino – Feel free to steal away. 😉

  15. I have to say I’m impressed at Willie O’ Dea’s ability to become even more of a fuckwit.

    Just when you think he can’t possibly get any worse…..

  16. us rangers trained irish rangers, now the irish rangers train with delta and a whole load of other sf units worldwide, they train them on certain tactics and they get trained by others on other tactics, the finished 3rd in an elite unit comp in 2003 1st and 2nd were police units so basically the irish rangers out preformed all other military sf units. and they have wins year after year ever since, they were also reported to have played a part in task force 121 with delta and uk sas, they dont work with just anyone. weather ye like it or not they are up there with the best and may very well be the best its not there fault they aren’t used as much as other sf units or else there good at keeping the mouths shut about secret operations

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