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  1. K8 didn’t come to my wedding, so I didn’t go to hers.

    Glad it was fun though.

  2. That’s OK, RodesTer. It was good fun, but I don’t intend doing it for another year or two.

  3. I’ll be watching the mail for my invite. Need a reason to escape from the god-forsaken hell hole and visit the Emerald Isle. That is you, isn’t it? The Emerald Isle? Or is that New Zealand? God, I sound like a tourist. Wait, I am a tourist. Well, not yet.. but I’m watching the mail.

  4. Why don’t you just come? Do you need a reason? Then you really will be a tourist, and we all know what happens to them?

  5. Congratulations on finding TAT. He must think awful well of her to dress up so well for the occasion (underwear with no holes, I mean wow).

    Thanks also for clearing up a mystery: we were wondering why our goat hasn’t been able to look us in the face anymore…

  6. Susan – You must tell your goat that she is not to blame. It is only too easy to feel guilt under these circumstances, but wherever else the fault lies, it’s not with her.

  7. long may they both live. sounds a joyful and raucous ocasion. congratulations all around!

  8. I read this on Mother’s Day and I gotta tell you it brought a tear to my eye. The bride is absolutely beautiful & in that photo a picture of serene elegance! I have nothing smart to say(except she looks much better inthe dress than you know who)all the bloomers were lovely, especially those filled out,and the bridesmaid was lovely even while showing a great sense of humor.Old pop at the end looked pooped and red-eyed(from Guinness or tears ?)Blessings be upon them and their new home and life together

  9. You’d want to fire the organisers, I turned up and was told my name wasn’t on the list.

    Not happy.

  10. Aw, K8 scrubbed up awfully well (yeah okay, you did too).

    Did you give a speech?

  11. By the look of him in that picture I think he was speechless!!!Congratulations – we wish them luck.

  12. Ah glad everything turned out alright on the night. She does indeed look lovely but I knew she would. Can’t say that for the boy’s choice of underwear mind! Those ‘dont take home to mother’ green jobs are bloody awful!

  13. OK. A few of you smart arses are implying that I was a little ‘tipsy’. I will have you know I was as jober as a sudge. It was a crap photograph because Herself took it when I wasn’t expecting it.

    Yes. I did give a speech. I was assured I wasn’t going to be asked, but the bastards called me up, so I gave an absolutely brilliant imprompu oration.

    Maxi – The bouncers were working on my specific instructions. They got their bonus for a job well done.

    Baino – You love my spam queue, don’t you?

  14. Hey,The Blue Light! Nice. Not the same since they bricked up The Most Unhygenic Jacks in Ireland though. I mean, people aren’t even afraid to piss any more. I take it the day went well for all, good stuff.

  15. Thrifty – The Blue Light? Nah! You are close though. The Blue Light would be a wee bit on the small side to cope with the crowd we had. It’s also too nice a place to burn down.

  16. Ah, I figured the kilt business was a pre-event drink. That, the being served out the window and mention of bikers make me put 2 and 2 together to get … the wrong answer evidently 🙂

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