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  1. I have a few 8ft x 4ft ones of myself and my running mates to put up here. God knows where I’ll put them. How about I send one up to you and you can put it up and confuse the hell out of your neighbours?

  2. Robert – 8ft x 4ft? Jayzus! Are they short sighted in your neck of the woods? You can send a couple up if you like. They will be ideal for the novice shooters.

  3. One year we made a chicken coop out of them, with the faces turned inside and the nice white backs outside, to look nice. The chickens all died, but we couldn’t bear to look at these fellas all year and had to double-wall the new one for the new hens. God knows there’s plenty about these days.

  4. Susan – That is the most sadistic thing I have ever heard of! You left those poor chickens in a house with a load of would-be politicians looking at them? It’s no wonder they died. You should be locked up.

    Captain – More than likely. 🙂

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: democracy doesn’t work. No, what we need now is the cold, stiff hand of a dictator. Someone who’ll rule with an iron fist. A mechanised Stalin for a new Millenium, with fangs and a baseball bat.

  6. Make sure that Sandy’s inoculations are up to date. You would not want the poor dog catching anything after biting a couple of them.

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