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  1. I wonder if those iodine tablets we were all given a few years back will help prevent it 😉

  2. I think Miss Piggy was responsible for the swine flu AND mad cow disease..
    The truth is that Governments worldwide are promoting the hysteria because it’s taking our minds off the balls-up they’re making of the “recovery plan”. Have you noticed that the “charter for religious nuts” proposed by Ahearn has slipped under the radar of our news media?
    The flu being such a deadly killer.

  3. I am not worried. The radiation from the up coming asteroid impact will kill off the flu viruses.

  4. If I feel a sniffle coming on, I immediately go out and get hammered,twisted and shitfaced thereby supplanting a long suffering Flu with a short sharp hangover.

  5. Hmmm…. send government away to conferences, then seal the borders…

    Finally, a solution we can all live with.

  6. Robert – What iodine tablets? I never got any Iodine tablets?

    Jim C – Will you all stop talking about things of which I know nothing? What asteroid impact? It sounds exciting!!

    SAm Crea – Now at last someone is talking my language 🙂

    Susan – It would be worth the couple of million they would spend on a short haul flight. Send ’em abroad, close the borders and finally shut down all their bank accounts [and repatriate all their foreign ones]. Problem solved!

  7. Erm- either that is a very unfortunate photo of Mary Harney or she is on anti-depression pills of some kind.

    Is there a Doctor in the house? Must have a look at some recent interviews with her. Kevin the Purple Octopus knows I’ve seen that slightly not-there look on a few faces in Ireland.

    Switzerland, you say? What conference would that be? Anyone know?

  8. Captain – She has that Mona Lisa smirk on, because someone has just told her about Miss Piggy Swine Flu. She is having mental images of all those lovely trollies full of sick people in the one hospital that is left open.

  9. Wow! News Update….. Ireland has it’s first case of suspected flu and RTE are wetting themselves! They can hardly contain their excitement. Lots of pictures of viruses and people in masks. Happy days.

  10. Sorry Grandad somethig weird happened to my edit attempt on a post. This is what I wanted to tell you about before my name goes down on the list at FF HQ and I become just another ‘disapparo’.

    A Fianna Fail-owned barn near Leixlip
    The wide-eyed and white coated students fall back as it lumbers to its feet.
    ‘Its him. Its really him,” screams one fourth year med student before she faints away. The … thing … looks down at her for a moment, muscles in the face tightening and relaxing reflexively. A great dry cough and the political creature points at the girl where she lies, skirt ridden high on the firm young thighs. “Huuuuurrr.Bring.”
    “Yes! Yessir,” yelps a fearful doctor. “Do- do you remember..?”
    The grotesque figure swivels to fix the medic with the stare that adorned many a front page. “Haaaauuugheeeeey.”
    It remembers.
    “Daaaaiiiiiilllllllll. Ceeentraal Baaaaannnk.”
    With a snarl it crashes its way through the timbered walls. The medic turns to his terrified colleagues. “Its really him. Five more years!”

  11. 250,000 people die every year from influenza, you know the one we get every year, the one that hasn’t got a fancy name. Yet somehow, in a slow news week something tagged “swine flu” which will probably top out at a couple of hundred per country affected is called a Pandemic. Give me a break. And a facemask, I’ll use it for hallowween.

  12. Captain – Please don’t write things like that. It sends shivers down my spine. Those hooded eyes!! I would be worried but I made a point of making sure he was well and truly planted.

    Paulo – Could I ask you to please refrain from referring to Sw*ne Flu? That name has been banned by the WHO. From now on it is H1N1 Influenza A. OK?

  13. I don’t know why a washed up British band should be dictating what we call anything. Fuck Pete Framton or whatever his name was. !!!!! ???????

  14. I will not rest until every pig on earth is dead (or on a frying pan). Then, I’m going after Martian pigs, Plutonion pigs, Saturnian pigs, and so on, and so forth, until I’ve fanned out across the galaxy and removed the full intergalactic threat of swinery.

    Did we learn nothing from Foot and Mouth? Pigs and cows are the barnyard equivalent of the possessed kid from The Exorcist. Pure evil. It’s us or them, at this stage. We can start by amassing all known copies of the film ‘Babe’ (and to a lesser extent, Babe 2: Pig in the City) and burning them in town square (do we have a town square? If not, we’ll rename O’Connell Street ‘Town Square’ and burn the old ‘O’Connell Street’ sign along with the babe DVDs).

  15. Your get her back, we kept sending Bush out of the country but nobody else wanted him.

  16. There was someone round here wearing a gas mask (second world war style) the other day. We haven’t even had one outbreak round here, so I’m not sure what that was about. A few people on the tube have been wearing surgical masks as well. The mind boggles…

  17. JA – Maybe he was making a protest against your government [though they don’t stink as much as ours]?

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