National Grandparents Day — 13 Comments

  1. It’s amazing that you’ve even survived having this blog for over 3 years not knowing how to work the Internet and email and all that. Just think, after these kids teach you about all this you can finally stop paying someone else to work the Internet for you. It’ll be nice not to have someone else reading your email to you now won’t it?

  2. King’s Bard – Logs were brilliant! The only real way to multiply big numbers with an incredible accuracy of plus or minus 20%!

    Jim C – Not only give them slide rules, but expect them to know how to use them.

    Kirk M – What I am really hoping for is that when I learn how to use the Interweb, I will be able to start sending viruses around.

  3. What? Spreading viruses! Don’t tell me you are responsible for the”pandemic” of swine ‘flu’. I thought it was a mutation from the “blue flu” and spread by the Guards – hence the name…

  4. We have observed it since 1978. It’s the first Sunday after Labor Day which this year is Sept 13.
    More money for Hallmark.

  5. Very funny post Grandad. Rarely laugh out loud at blog posts but you got me with that one.

    I wish our teachers had known why they were teaching us logs, trigonomety and algebra. All they’d have had to say was that it would help you steer a ship safely across an ocean. That would have caught my attention.

    ‘So you can pass yer maths exam, ye gobshite’ wasn’t half as interesting somehow. It was only later I realised most of them didn’t know except that it was on syllabus and they were obliged to teach it:)

    Don’t forget to tell the little trusting faces that they were all born in sin and a chap in the middle east had to endure a horrible death all in order to get them out of trouble.

    Start ’em young.

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