Nothing is happening and it is happening now — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t think so. A bloke started to cut the hedge across the lane and was making a very lively noise. I had to kick him in the nuts to get him to stop. He was definitely alive judging by the yell he gave. Still nothing happening though.

  2. I got from a church on the southern fringe of Abbeyleix, through the town and back to Ballybrack, via the Red Cow, in an hour and a quarter yesterday afternoon.

    I’m calling a press conference to discuss the achievement.

  3. That is physically impossible. Have you been playing around with black holes again?

  4. My missus just rang me a few minutes ago and told me she was too scared to put petrol in the car because of the swine ‘flu pandemic.

    Took me 10 minutes to convince her it’s in Mexico, not Texaco.

  5. Yo, Peckerhead! Where you been? Can the missus not go to Shell, or does she have to wait until there is an R in the month?

  6. Yo, Grandad! Trees, mostly. Keeping well away from them swine (I tried to warn everyone, but would they listen?)

    I told her to go to Shell, but she said that wash no way to shpeak to a lady. 😉

  7. ‘Tis the calm before the storm, Grandad. I predict tomorrow will be the day when everything happens, including (but not restricted to) the discovery of Bigfoot, an end to third world poverty, and the violent death of all humans (hence the end of third world poverty).

  8. Tomorrow’s the end of the world alright ‘cos Munster are coming to town….
    go for it Munster!!

  9. I’ve been working up a fine batch of “Everything” for a couple days now. Should be ready by midnight GMT. I can wait to release it until you wake up in the morning and get breakfast into you though. I know how much I hate it when “Everything” breaks loose before I have my breakfast.

  10. With Schopenhauer abroad in the land can Beckett be far behind, I ask myself Grandad?

    Usually the answer that comes back to me is ‘shut up and light another fag you fool.’ And I have a point, I think.

    Seriously though if anyone is worried about the Galtee Gripe you should chain-smoke your way through it. For health reasons if for nothing else.

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