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  1. We need more bathrooms. Look at all of news we get, the politicians we listen to, and the websites we view, they are full of shite. The load on the current system is at an all time high.

  2. The problem here is that you don’t understand about the high octane foods these electronic gated communities have to eat. The emissions can be highly poisonous so that if you erupt in one bathroom it may be out of commission for 24 hours – a bit like the chemical toilets you mentioned…What are the rest of the volitile residents to do??

  3. I have to admit that I’m one of those people that has way too many toilets. one downstairs, and three on the other two floors.

    useful if you sub-let your house. otherwise, two would do. one, if you don’t mind waiting while the kiddies figure out how to use the damned things.

    a friend of mine uses a compost toilet. an actual toilet seat on top of an actual bucket filled with actual compost, which he eventually re-composts and grows taters out of.

    but then, he also lives in a mushroom-shaped straw-bale house.

  4. There are way too many toilets here, but then everyone knows we Americans are full of S%&*.

  5. Who the fuck goes to rest in a jax?

    Elvis Presley not only rested in a jax, but he rested in peace on a jax. Generally though, I take your point. Superfluous toilets are a drain on the precious, disposable square yardage of your home. More intelligent would be a network of poop chutes tacked onto the walls of each house, all eventually leading to a backyard furnace. The furnace would also have vacuum capabilities, to create suction force for pulling chute contents into itself.

    Regardless of location within a house, occupants should always be within touching distance of one of these tubes, whose ends have been specially tailored to meet the radial dimensions of their own anus. Slot it in, bish, bash, bosh, Bob’s your uncle, zero fuss drainage, and the space traditionally used as a conventional toilet, you can convert into a pool room or S & M dungeon.

  6. U r addictive.Can’t stay away.Bathrooms,one of my favorite things!I thank the good Lord fairly regular for indoor plumbing!We have 2 w/3bedrooms,1 floor home,4 adults and that works out pretty good.Oh yeah, there are those rare times when we could use more,but like I said,that is rare. I love the other comments made!I know nothing about SUVs or gates.Here it’s a pick-up truck and Harley-Davidson(as far as I’m concerned that bike can be 4 sale after repair from crash)Women seem to like kitchens and bathrooms–men trucks and motorcycles.I have yet to wreck my toilet.

  7. Poop chutes? Neat idea. A bit like those central vacuuming systems……

    Susan – If I had married your husband, I really would be in queer street [if you’ll pardon the expression!]

  8. Poop shutes can be dangerous things. See Billy Connolly’s “Wee beige jobby”. The jobby wheekher is along the same lines with disastrous results..

  9. Hey Grandad! Haven’t had time to comment of late, due to the craziness of life around here. I was laughing my head off at this post! Never in a million years would I have thought that Ireland of all places would have this problem. First the SUV’s (you don’t have all that much room on the roads to fit them..!) and then this rest room business. The first time I asked where the toilet was in a shop when I moved here, you’d have thought I was using bad language or something. I too do not get the “rest” room connection. And here in Ashburn, Virginia, there is definitely something about many, many bathrooms that signal you “have arrived”. Never understood it, especially from point of view of a woman – I mean after all, who has to bloody clean them all? Hopefully, I’ll be back more frequently now – I’ve missed the craic. 🙂

  10. You just need two . . .boys loo . .girls loo . . .they can keep the seat up, we can keep the seat down. Although my recent Irish visitor was surprised that our toilets were separate to the bathroom. . there’s something rather unhygeinicic about brushing your teeth in a room with a toilet.

  11. I think I’ve gone from a house with 1 bathroom to three bedrooms – to 4 bathrooms to three bedrooms – to one bathroom to god knows how many bedrooms, cos I couldn’t give a fuck how many other people rent this place out.

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