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  1. Well, they’re going to find her on your site now ‘cos you’ve mentioned her name so many times. Tell me, has she had the babies yet?

  2. Ian – If I am Charles Krauthammer, then where is my Pulitzer?

    Dorothy – It doesn’t make any difference. They all come here anyway. Why the hell are you asking me about her babies? I told you – I have nothing to do with them. You’re as bad as the rest.

  3. I have no idea who this person is,or John Waters either. But it does seem that you have quite a bit of intimate knowledge of her.Perhaps Herself telling you these things is your sole source,but who’s to know for sure?(except you,Herself & Ms Ingle)Now maybe there’s a chance that you are becoming better known for all your wordly,oh,I meant ‘worldly’ knowledge and wit and insight on so very many subjects.Also,your daughter may have made you more famed,not defamed.Perhaps you’re the next Ann Landers, you do have “Ask Grandad”, what the heck’s that for but to ask questions.You are becoming better known,well known could be close behind, ‘best seller’ here you come!

  4. Sandra – All I know about her is that she is a journalist who writes for the Irish Times. Nothing more. John Waters on the other hand is a bollicks who writes for the Irish Times. As for my daughter and fame? I am the one who made her famous! 😈

    Maxi – I hope you found him? Is he a porn king?

  5. What did I do now? Although mentioning my name with Krauthammer’s is a bit of an honor (please note the distinct lack of the letter U in that word!). So I guess I need to say thank you Ian. Thank you, Ian!

  6. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but has anybody seen Roisin Ingle? There’s been a terrible accident between a LUAS and a Vespa, and the Vespa driver is calling for Mrs Ingle. I’m stopping by all the hotbeds of Ingledom, of which this site is obviously ground zero. Let me know if you spot her (Ingle Watch: day 1).

  7. A train struck a match? That’s terrible!! Please keep us informed, Irish Begrudger.

  8. A sampling of keyword search terms that have landed people at my own blog, according to Google Analytics..

    “atrophic gastritis amphetamines”

    “barbie hitchcock”

    “ashley judd hard nipples video”

    “cats and dogs i be roll up here we go my shoulder”

    “hookers stand out which hotel”

    “i got him at gun point”

    “inside a 13 year old girls panties” (seriously, one can NOT find instructions for this or illustrations or any mention of the subject whatsoever at my blog)

    “weird abe lincoln memorabilia”

    “why all iranians look like hookers”

    Thanks for the idea about my next post, Granddad.

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