I have been defamed — 10 Comments

  1. Well you see, I’d sue. I was on my way out to buy another 4 copies of your book when I read that and changed my mind.

    Then I met at least 17,000 people on the way back from the book shop who all felt the same.

    They all said that they were going to buy 8 or 9 copies each. That’s nearly erm, well it’s loads of copies she’s cost you.

  2. Well, I’ve bought your book Grandad, and I laughed. My husband laughed even louder, but then he’s still touchy about America since they took away his Green Card. I have a sense of humoUr, but then maybe I’ve just lived here too long LOL.

    Anyhow, since you’ve got a babysitting slot opening up, erm… how’s Thursday night, 7?

  3. Maxi – Damnit but there are going to be some serious damages after this court case [mostly to our K8].

    Susan – The fact that you can spell humoUr shows that you are less of an American than you think, and are well on the path to being cured. Thursday is fine. Just send the baby in the post, and I’ll do the rest.

  4. Slanderous Grandad, and I would not stand for such besmirching.

    Personally, I love Americans, and Canadians for that matter. But never cross-breed them. The ‘Amerinadian’ is a vile, bloodthirsty chimera, less than the sum of its parts, liable to disembowel you and eat your entrails. They also do little charity work, if any.

  5. Strange people the Amurkans. Lovely warm hospitable people and open hearted but its hard to like their politics. I suppose its wrong to judge Irish people by their politicians too. That’s a scarey thought…

  6. I reeded that fin peace of literatr an thut it was rill rilly guud. It had lots of HUMOR and was writin guud.
    We have Comrade the Messiah and you have Biffo.
    We thousands of TV channels all filled with horrible commercials you have thousands of TV channels all filled with horrible commercials.
    We use to have a TV show called Friends…we exported it to you.
    We have a country full of dullards who liked watching Friends, you have a country full of dullards who like watching Friends.
    We have hundreds of regional accents, you have hundreds of regional accents.
    Here some folks in the south talk funny, you have Norn Iron.
    So you see the US is just a big version of Ireland but we have terminally cool pick-up trucks.

  7. Of course Americans are loud, obnoxious, and opinionated. American was largely settled by Europeans.

    Farther more we were settled by all of scoundrels, never-do-wells, and trouble makers that got kicked out of every decent country in the old world when we pissed off the king, mayor, or village priest.

    My ancestors hail from Northern Pennsylvania, an area settled by Scot and Irish “farmers”. Who were usually escaped indentured servants or army deserters. Our place in history is secure as the first people to rebel again the newly form United States of America when they uppity politicians tried to tax our whiskey.

    The only surprising thing is that we are not more disagreeable then we are.

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