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  1. I was reading a study sometime last year where it is reckoned that all these new health and safety signs that are all over building sites actually result in an increase in accidents. Mainly small ones that don’t make the news like a brick falling on someones head or something like that. Or some one stepping on a nail.

    Because these signs are everywhere on a site, those working there automatically ‘tune’ them out after a while because they get so used to them and of course they all look the same. So if one sign is changed from warning of falling debris to exposed wires for example it comes as a big shock (pun unintended) when someone gets zapped for not reading the sign.

  2. Haha – best blog post I’ve read all week. Now that the Plank is slowly and gradually leaving our TVs, can we now endeavour – with equal gusto – towards getting Hard-Hat off it too? And bury him in his 6 inch insulation? It seems suddenly inappropriate [as well as very tedious] to watch couples build their dream eco pads on some flood plain in the midlands and inviting Hard-Hat back for coffee when it’s all finished but leaking / sinking. “Lovely”, “Super”, “Great”….grrrr.

  3. Robert – The problem with these signs is that the damned things are everywhere. Walk dow any street and all you see are signs forbidding this or compelling that. We are subjected to a barrage of orders telling us what to do or what not to do. So everyone is just immune to them now.

    SHoop – What really piised me off about him is the smug way he talks about ‘renewable rescources’ and the way every second word is prefixed with ‘eco’. He is such a smug condescending little shit.

  4. Bloody silly hard hats. And bloody signs. There’s one along the road here that says ‘slow children playing’ which I think is a tad harsh. I mean, just because they’re not rocket scientists….

    I was thinking of jazzing it up by adding one that says ‘Bonus: €10 per child’. That’ll make the little sods cycle a bit faster.

  5. E Mum – I love it! I am a great collector of signs. I saw a huge graffiti today that said something along the lines of “STOP THE VIOLENCE-FREE PALESTINE”. I would have thought that Palestine was anything but violence free??

  6. It’s like trafficators. If you use them at every turn you don’t have to think about it. If you don’t always use them one day you will fuck up. Same as always check your weapon is unloaded before you clean it. Even if you know it is; or one day you will shoot yourself. Hard hats same thing.

  7. I work on a building site and have never worn a hard hat. Why, only this afternoon I was clobbered in the cranium by a falling scaffold pipe, but do I complain about it? Do I heck.

    No, I just pick myself up, dust myself off and where the hell am I who are all you people oh Jesus I think I’m having some kind of an episode somebody call an ambulance what a world what a world what a world.

  8. Perhaps it was simply to give you a memorable moment from the program.(maker of hard hat was probably the sponsor)

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