Grandad needs liquidity — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve done my bit anyway and no more I can do. I bought copies, did a competition on the blog, did a review, offered free shipping on ten copies bought from a local bookstore – WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ? MY BLOOD FFS 🙂

  2. So far I’ve bought only three copies but hey, I’m technically unemployed. And I did feature photos of your book on each of my blogs in the hands of my most adorable daughter, and one of those is even in my portfolio book. Let’s see… I’ll stick an amazon link to it in my sidebar (need to fix that up anyhow).

    Hmm… what else? Shall I hit the local bookstores and turn them all into “signed” copies? Shall we do a blog tour? (my charges are reasonable)

    By the way, when in Dun Laoghaire I noticed that you’d gotten an end-of-stack placement, face out and all: damn. It’ll happen–summer’s coming, Father’s Day, you know…

  3. Well, I’ve been doing a tidy trade selling pirate versions of the book for a while now. It’s pretty much identical to the real McCoy, except for an unfortunate typo in the title (‘Head Rumbles’). I could stop selling them?

  4. Le Craic – Can you spare a couple of pints? Mine’s an O Negative if you’re buying, thanks.

    Susan – A blog tour? Sounds interesting? How does that work? The end of shelf placement is as a result of a rather clever bit of blackmail involving a goat and an Irish flag. Some people are strange.

    Irishbegrudger – Are you one of the Pirate Bay gang, or one of those ones who hijacks ships? Carry on selling Head Rumbles – I like the name. Just bang the proceeds into my Cayman account.

  5. Why would I buy that book when this site is so entertaining in itself? Who’d have time to read it? Does it make a good doorstop or is it one of those flimsy paperbacks that get pushed aside with the first big gust?

  6. Ha! Serves you right. That other fella’ is a nice guy who works hard for your pints. He deserves some time off. I guess now your going to tell me that YOU are going to france for a vacation rather tham him. Harumph!!

  7. Considering the avenues you delve in I’d imagine that there’s other ways and means available to you. Just keep them from public knowledge and you’ll be fine. Meanwhile, you can get the other fellow to make dinner once in awhile. Give Herself a break.

  8. RhodesTer – I have found that it is an excellent size for fixing wobbly pub tables, if that is of any use to you?

    Brianf – I was going to invite him, but now that he has cut off the cash flow, I’ll claim I can’t afford it. Heh!

    Kirk M – You’re right. It looks like I will have to revert to my old supply of trusty credit cards. I don’t like using them too much in case the next of kin start to notice something.

  9. Yes, world-wide. Interpol distributed notices after the incident in Los Angeles involving the barkeep, three Iranian hookers and the Russian mobsters. All I did was drive the getaway car, but I guess that counts.

  10. Sadly the world is so intolerant these days. *sigh*

    You’d always be welcome in the pub in the village though, if ever you are passing.

  11. That’s a nice offer but seriously, if the satellite reconnaissance was to catch me entering, they’d send a US Navy SEAL team to extract me, and the CIA would certainly arrest the barkeep and any other employees, managers and/or owners. If you happened to be in there at the time you’d be detained for questioning, and we all know that the U.S. uses somewhat brutal tactics, even though it’s vehemently denied.

    You’d possibly be shipped off to a secret “detainment center” that you’ve driven by hundreds of times, thinking it’s just an insurance office. Herself would be grabbed in your home by a team who’d whisk her away never to be seen again.

    And that’s all just on a personal level. Relations between Ireland and the US would deteriorate rapidly and troops would be deployed to your area. Irish-American citizens here would be rounded up and placed in camps, which, come to think of it, may not be a bad idea.

    Where’s this pub?

  12. Why not see if any of your missile providers are outsourcing to China anytime soon? Labour is cheaper and uranium more enriched than anywhere else 🙂

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