Head Rambles Awareness Week — 9 Comments

  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant this Awareness Awareness Week!
    In the meantime I’m not sure how to celebrate Earth Day. Should I dump the 55 gallon drum of bleach into the creek or set alight a ton of coal in my backyard or maybe after dumping the bleach refill the drum with gasoline and leak it all over the road as I drive around in a truck that gets 5 MPG? Hmmmm, decisions decisions.

  2. It’s a very tough call, Brianf. Next Earth Day, I shall celebrate with my own little bonfire of old tractor tyres soaked in sump oil. Bleach in the river is OK but it would smell a bit? Just make sure it’s nowhere near your home.

  3. Personally I’m thankful for “Cantankerous Auld Blogger Awareness Week” because that’s the week I found you.

  4. I endorse Ignorance Day. I just can’t remember what date it’s celebrated upon, nor what it’s about. But I’m comfortable with that, and in the end, shouldn’t that be all that matters? The answer is no. But I’m comfortable with that too.

  5. If you wanted to organise the week Brendan Behan style you would have a committee that met in a bar and the second item on the agenda would be ‘The split’. There would be the official Awareness Awareness week and the Awareness Together Awareness Awareness week and the Ecumenical Awareness Awareness week and any number of other permutations with which you could fill the year, except on Christmas Day and Good Friday, when the pubs aren’t open so no-one would be aware that it was Awareness week

  6. RhoderTer – I didn’t even know there was one. They must think I don’t qualify?

    Irishbegrudger – Isn’t that Amnesia Awareness Day you’re thinking about? I don’t know anything about Ignorance Day.

    Ian – You are hereby elected Chairman. I’ll see you down the pub….

  7. Awareness awareness – I like that. Can we have an anti-awareness day too? Just for balance. That way at least one day a year, all us folk who are a step behind being aware of anything at the right time, can take the higher ground for a change.

  8. J A – I have put my name down for a Non-Awareness Awareness Day sometime next year.

  9. The week after next, 1st-8th May is shades week, sort of like an awareness week for guide dogs. I just thought I’d make you aware in advance.
    It just means you chuck a few quid in the collection boxes and buy a pair of glasses if you want/need them. It doesn’t mean you go around feeding guide dogs or anything.
    The organisation gets the money, not the owners. Unfortunately!

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