Gone hunting — 5 Comments

  1. Well, that was different. Sounded more like you went to war with the neighbors. I think you better go a little further up in those hills if your looking for ‘peaceful’ springtime moment. Really tho,have a beautiful day.(watch your step) 🙂 Sandi

  2. Sandra – I do not shoot the neighbours. That would be very unfriendly. That recording was made on a day when the Lads and I discovered a stray tourist bus that had strayed up the wrong road.

  3. Peace and quiet? I hope there won’t be too much of that where I am going for the afternoon!

    Off to watch Wexford v Carlow in the hurling league. Hopefully those savage Scallion Eaters won’t be swinging the caman too wildly, because if anyone requires hospital treatment, I’ll be the one driving the ambulance…

    So, anyone in the Wexford Park / Wexford General Hospital area, be warned, be very warned…

  4. Well it sounds to me as though the .308 is out of time. I think the lockup is about .0002 seconds short. It could be a dirty trigger group or you might need a new firing pin return spring.
    I’m glad the Barrett 50 cal. is doing it’s job. By the way, are the armor piercing rounds shooting to your point of aim?
    Have a fun afternoon!!

  5. Francis – Hurling is an extremely dangerous sport and should be banned. All them fellas swinging sticks around the place? Someone might get hurt!

    Brianf – I thought there was something wrong with the .308 all right. I’ll check it thoroughly. It could just be a bit of dust or blood in the mechanism. The Barrett is giving hours of enjoyment. I don’t use the armour piercing rounds much, as we tend not to have too many armour plated tour buses.

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