Failing the NCT — 11 Comments

  1. It’s 5 penalty points now and a big fine if you don’t have an NCT or MOT cert. Or at least it will be from May.

    That’s why the site is down so they can milk us for all we are worth.

  2. And what’s worse from next month its a 5 (yes FIVE !!) penalty point offence to drive a vehicle without an NCT cert. It’s 3 points for not fixing a fault identified by an NCT test, whether that means a total of 8 I’m not sure, since you don’t get a new cert until all such faults have been fixed?


  3. Weird, I’ve just been over to Twenty’s and he’s ranting about the NCT as well. Both his and your posts yesterday were similar too. Only for the fact I’ve met you both I’d think ye were the same person!

  4. Robert – I finally managed to phone them [and had to hang on for about half an hour], and they told me the news about the five points. I hadn’t heard about it ’til then.

    Tom – They can whistle. I applied for the damned thing, and if they can’t fit me in before the 1st May, then that’s their fault. I have a little message on my mobile to say it’s booked, so I can show that to the Gardaí before I tell ’em to fuck off.

    Robert – I noticed that! Weird. I wonder what we are writing about tomorrow?

  5. This is a farce.

    The next thing is the test will be corporate sponsored and you’ll have to have Topaz fuel and Michelin tyres to pass.

  6. But they do have a nice vending machine and viewing gallery at Deansgrange. Such delights add so much to the richness of the experience.

  7. What if you’re not on the net (God forbid I know but many older people aren’t). We just lob up to a mechanic and get an electronic pink slip. No MOT unless you’re out of rego for more than a year. Hence my ability to drive a decrepit jalopy on Sydney streets.

  8. TheChrisD – I have already failed them.

    Maxi – The last time I did the test, the little fucker tried to fail me because there were dog hairs on the seat!! Dog hairs apparently render a vehicle unroadworthy.

    Ian – It’s a kip, and no amount of vending machines will change that. The give you a balcony so you can watch your car fail in style.

    Baino – There is no escaping it here, unless of course your car is kept on an island that doesn’t have a fixed link to the mainland. Hah!

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