Monday dinner — 14 Comments

  1. Shame there’s not too much eating in them. You might need more than one Guinea pig.

  2. Grandad,

    That really is gross.

    Sometimes you are very coarse.

    If you are going to eat guinea pig it should be casseroled in a nice red wine sauce – not dumped on the plate with two potatoes and sliced tomato.

  3. Robert – I only have one.

    Ian – My humble apologies. You are of course right. There should be a sprig of parsely to garnish the dish, but I forgot.

  4. I have to go along with Ian on this one.
    I would have first whacked it about the head with a cricket bat. Then after field dressing it I would have rubbed it down with a nice whiskey and spice marinade, stuffed it and put it in the fridge for an hour or so afterwhich I would cook it in a crock pot with carrots, onions, garlic for 4 to 5 hours (until the meat falls away from the bone easlily). Then I would serve it with a lemon curry sauce on the side to be used, ‘to taste’.

  5. wow, that takes me back… a few years ago I accidentally burned down two sheds, with a rabbit and a guinea pig in one of them. The guinea pig looked /exactly/ like that afterwards.

    So did the rabbit. Makes you wonder. If you put a rabbit costume on a guinea pig, will you be able to fool someone? maybe just ears are necessary – it already has the teeth.

  6. Brianf – That’s a recipe for Batted Guinea Pig which is completely different.

    Kae – How could you? That is the most heartless thing I have ever read. I was thinking of tying a length of string onto Minnie’s arse and telling people she’s a rat?

    Sixty – She can’t get at my wooden leg. It’s up in the attic.

  7. Grandad,
    If those are the guinea pigs bollocks at the edge of the platter then you killed the wrong animal! For god’s sake man, didn’t you check first, you could have had the first porn star guinea pig? I can see the title now: “Guinea does Cork”.

  8. Oh,you are one mad scientist! Your lab rat concoction disguised as personal gourmet recipe! Now, give me a plate of crow! I find myself quite fond of it served in about any style or fashion.Good thing,too,cause I have a pretty steady diet of it.(must be terribly fattening)Really only good thing about it is when a feather tickles my ass.

  9. Kirk M – And they tell us we are supposed to eat with our eyes first….

    John O – If you are impresed bt his bollocks, you should see he willy. That will last for weeks!!

    Sandra – You can’t beat a drop of the old road-kill! Have you any good crow recipes I could try?

  10. Morning’ Grandad, My eating crow is akin to eating humble pie, which I think you’re part of the world would call it. I’ve found there is no pleasant way of getting it down.So, you close your eyes,hold your nose,chomp and swallow.Most likely you’ll turn all different shades of red (from embarrassment ).The only good thing you can hope for is that little tickle of your ass as the feathers make an exit. Now in truth, there are quite a few recipes on the web for cooking crow.Go for it if you like but I think I’ll just stay with the way I’ve been doing it for over 50 years,removing my foot so as to eat my crow. Bonn appetit'(sp) Can’t wait for your next story! Sandi

  11. Budgie on a Stick is another fine feast. Serve budgie a martini to sedate, field dress, (no flowing gowns as they tend to flare up on the spit) rub with butter & fresh herbs, stuff small clove garlic and one bay leaf in body, insert green willow branch arse to neck, slow roast over oak coals, serve with sourdough bread, snow peas, and lots of Cakebread Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2005.

  12. PS: You could sub some red mountain goofy table wine for the Cakebread cab and save about $125. Hard times in cowcamp.

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