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  1. Microsloth, err Microslop, oops I mean Microsoft is in fact a money grubbing whore but that aside did you stop to think that your laptops just don’t like you guys. I took note that the title of this post is, “I Hate Computers” and thought to myself….”Well, maybe your computer hates you!”.
    I’m just sayin’ ya’ know.

  2. Dead right Brian. If you hate your computer you must never let on – it will get you back when you least expect it.

  3. As soon as the blasted PCs become sentient we are all in trouble. You think they hate us now, wait until they realize all the stupid things we do with them and worst what we do to them.

  4. I was going to call this ‘Computers hate me’ but then I realised there were two computers and only one of me [I counted], so unless it’s a conspiracy, computers are just a load of junk.

    What’s more, I don’t care if my computer knows &^hg sd;iyasd asudasdasd ,,,, ….

  5. I wouldn’t rule out conspiracy. Have you considered the idea of maybe a mole/moles being the problem.I do believe they are a relative of the guinea pig so perhaps they’ve set to exact revenge upon you.Now, if this is it,Going like Sixty will probably soon have a ‘rodenator'(or some such man toy)(I forget the exact name),maybe he’d come help you out.I also thought maybe you had a leprechaun having a bit of fun with you.Wouldn’t that suggest a pot of gold was near to you or coming to you?Perhaps a best seller! Luck,Sandi

  6. your blog definitely sums up my feelings about computers. I tried searching the phrase ‘I hate computers’… took me 3 attempts after Internet Explorer had the cheek to tell me it couldn’t display the page!

  7. & what’s all this about ‘Device not found’; well where did you put you stupid machine? I fervently believe that increases in workplace stress are directly linked to increases in workplace I T.

  8. Welcome Andy!  I daren’t say this too loudly [in case my computer hears] but it has actually been behaving itself lately.  Of course, having said that, it’s going to explode tomorrow in a cloud of blue smoke.  As a survivor of an I.T. environment [now retired] I am probably the nearest thing to being immune to PCs and their little jokes, but they still get me occasionally.

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