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  1. Grandad,
    First of all Happy Easter, secondly since you were the “THWAPER” can you tell me what your instrument of “THAWPING” was or is? Lastly are you not concerned about a possible resurrection on this holy of holy days?

  2. John O – And a Happy Easter to you too. The Instrument of Thwapping was the weekend magazine from the Irish Times. Very effective normally. As for the resurrection bit – it’s funny you should say that as the little fucker started stirring again after an hour or two. Had to thwack it another couple of times. Hope I haven’t killed a deity??

  3. Oh Wonderful !!!
    Now how am I suppose to kill wasps when there’s no Weekend Magazine in the Irish Times here?
    Geez, there goes all my wasp killing for the year.

  4. Brianf – You have an arsenal of weapons in the house. RPGs are quite effective indoors?

    Maxi – You don’t like their music then?

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