Patience — 8 Comments

  1. Unfortunately the delivery person was using a Sat Nav which provided directions you had intended for tourists to use. At last report the emergency locater beacon was showing the vehicle 1 meter below the surface in a rather large swamp.

  2. that was no swamp. that was the ground under the neighbour’s fence after grandad had been “waiting” following quite a bit of the black stuff

  3. Yiz could be right. According to their website, my package was dispatched for delivery at 7.02 this morning, but the bastards still haven’t arrived.

  4. Its when the website says its been delivered and you still don’t have it you should worry!!!

  5. That’s mad. I started my new job as a DHL delivery man. I have a package here marked “Grumpy fecker, the mountains”.

    I can’t be arse going to the mountains though, go and shite.

  6. Maxi – As usual, you have the wrong address, or something. The parcel has finally arrived. The driver is stated to be making a good recovery.

  7. Congratulations on the arrival… more underwear for the Mrs? Or (hopefully) more weaponry, and/or blueprints of all government buildings?
    You will tell, won’t you?

  8. Susan – Now, would I be anxiously waiting for a parcel for herself? I will indeed tell. All in due course.

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